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Unified Intellectual Property Management

For Corporations

Trademark and Patent IP Management Software for corporate intellectual property protection.

The pace of innovation is quickening and your ability to efficiently and strategically lead with new products, packaging, brands and experiences will make the difference between prospering and falling behind. It is hard to question the importance of collaboration, but silos still dominate and outmoded processes perpetuate a model that is out of step in this new world. Software solution requirements have had to change to support innovation, IP protection, portfolio optimization and product strategy. It is time to take the next step into the present, with Unified IP Management Software.

Unified IP Management Software - Data You Can Trust

What stands in the way of operational excellence and agility? A good place to start is with supporting systems. A patchwork of docketing applications, document management systems, file shares, collaboration tools and workarounds creates a process burdened with extra steps and laced with risk. Simply by retiring these isolated systems and consolidating into a Unified IP Platform for all IP assets, our clients leverage a system of record that delivers trusted data for reporting and analysis.

Jerry Shorma

Prior to going live in Anaqua, we had, I believe it was, seven different home grown and off-the-shelf applications. The information wasn’t dependable. We now have everything housed under a single roof. We’re able to look at the portfolio, whether it’s trademarks or patents, as a single entity and pull information that we can actually trust to take it all the way up to the CEO level, confident that it is accurate.

Jerry Shorma, Hewlett Packard

Freedom to Automate

Paper seems so out of step with our world today and yet there it is - files and forms that are often tedious to use, hard to read, difficult to find - burdening the process with unnecessary tasks while exposing your organization to risk. With ANAQUA8, you can free yourself from paper and move on to a modern system that securely manages documents and images with automated workflows that ensure they are routed to the right people. With streamlined processes and information at your fingertips, you can reduce errors, respond to office actions faster, cut extension fees and allow more time for high value projects.

  • Minimize email volume
  • Access case documents instantly from anywhere
  • Ensure consistent routing and workflow
  • Collaborative online with internal stakeholders and outside counsel
Leanne Dawes

Since Anaqua has been implemented, we have gone more paper-free and we have changed our processes. We now have more set, more efficient streamlined processes that work for the inventors as well as the legal department.

Leann Dawes, Mondelez

A Secure Platform for OC Collaboration

Legacy systems also inhibit collaboration. Without a secure collaborative platform, outside counsel (OC) cannot work seamlessly with the IP team driving unnecessary tasks such as double-docketing, emails and invoicing. ANAQUA8 simplifies collaboration and integrates invoicing to streamline prosecution while providing visibility so you can optimize your partnership with outside counsel.

  • Allow OCs to work within corporate prosecution processes via secure web access
  • Track spending by line of business worldwide through direct invoicing
  • Reduce costs with more efficient processes

Visibility for Informed Decision

As company strategy continuously evolves with market trends and competitive activity, ANAQUA8’s real-time dashboards and portfolio evaluations tools empower IP strategist to quickly understand their intellectual property in context to help the business make informed decisions. With ANAQUA8 all intellectual property is classified in various dimensions so IP executives can assess strategic fit and strength in relation to 3rd party data to evaluate acquisitions, annuity payments as well as licensing and pruning opportunities.

  • Classify IP assets in context with product lines, business units, etc.
  • Visualize the IP portfolio related strength and strategic value with the evaluation matrix
  • Automate IP asset reviews and capture all relevant notes and actions
Nancy Hermanson

Anaqua provides a holistic view of our intellectual property. We can see whether we need to pay annuities or abandon various technologies. We continue to make decisions as strategy changes and as life cycle of our products change. We do a estate reviews every year or so, and lifetime savings are in the millions.

Nancy Hermanson, Kimberly-Clark

Rapid Time-to-value

The original Anaqua platform was born from some of the world's most advanced IP practices. Today ANAQUA8 is a highly configurable platform that harnesses the best practices from the likes of Coca-Cola, Ford, Kimberly-Clark, Honda, Fox, Hewlett-Packard and Jack Daniel's. We build best practices into workflows, templates and taxonomies that help form the baseline of our solution. Our team of IP experts offer the industry’s only proven deployment methodology to ensure you are up and running quickly.

Tove Fabritius de Tengnagel

Two weeks after we had gone live in Denmark, I met the corporate Vice President of Corporate Patents in Denmark. He was beaming. He said, look at this. Two weeks after we have launched a new system with all our processes associate with it, all the staff is working, you know, fully productive using the system. That was fantastic to him.

Tove Fabritius de Tengnagel, Novo Nordisk

Continued Success Through Community

Anaqua is founded on a unique model of “customer driven innovation.” Unlike traditional software vendors, we offer the unique experience of collaborating in a tightly knit community of IP experts who help each other improve and contribute to the ANAQUA platform. During our Anaqua User Conference, newcomers and seasoned veterans alike gather to network, share best practices and contribute ideas and needs to the product development team in highly interactive hands-on sessions. That dialogue is continued throughout the year within our online community called ACE. Simply put, Anaqua is about one thing: Shared success through continuous improvement.

Guillaume Durville

Every single meeting I’ve been to, I came out of with something I just knew I could do. I didn’t need some complex system. I could just go back to HP and do it and it would make our system better. It’s interesting to see how Anaqua set up this model where their clients kind of feel ownership of Anaqua themselves.

Guillaume Durville, Hewlett Packard



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