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Microsoft LogoMarshall Phelps
Corporate VP & Deputy
General Counsel,
Microsoft Corporation
Anaqua Client
"IP is a critical strategic asset for Microsoft. We have deployed the Anaqua IAM system to manage our worldwide IP portfolio and we are very pleased with the results. Our partnership with Anaqua is enabling Microsoft to move to the next level in startegic IP management."

ANAQUA Enterprise

ANAQUA Enterprise IAM software is used by global IP leaders and organizations with significant IP portfolios and more complex IAM requirements. The system is designed to enhance business productivity across multiple functions within the organization, providing a comprehensive IP infrastructure that is integrated with your critical business systems. This solution extends beyond standard Enterprise IP management functions with advanced features such as: patent planning tools to drive innovation and set budgets and goals; portfolio management tools to facilitate the IP strategy dialog with individual business units and make renewal and investment decisions; operational reports on costs, performance and cycle times.

Anaqua's proven Enterprise Implementation Methodology sets the standard in the industry, with dedicated IAM implementation teams committed to client success. ANAQUA Enterprise IP management software provides extensive configurable workflows and interfaces to match client-specific business processes as well as APIs and web services for integration with other enterprise systems.