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Anaqua Client Bernie Graves
Chief Patent Counsel,
Eastman Chemical Company
Anaqua Client
"Anaqua provided the essential platform on which to build other efficiency and cost-saving measures which together enabled us to have over 90% of our data handled by our firms online enabling us to have better clarity with reliable information to push our lapse rate way over 60%, cut costs over 40% in four years and, most critical of all, really be in full command of our intellectual asset base."

Anaqua Business Impact

The ANAQUA IP management system supports your Intellectual Property strategy and delivers business value and competitive advantage by improving the quality and value of your IP assets. The solution also supports proactive commercialization of IP. For the IP organization, ANAQUA delivers significant IP operational cost savings by automating IP business processes and eliminating costs previously wasted on non-strategic IP assets. Anaqua has developed a number of tools that can help you identify ways you can add value and save costs by implementing ANAQUA. To learn more, visit our IP Business Tools section.

Clients typically see operational cost savings exceeding total IAM deployment expenses in 1-2 years.

Some examples:

  • 100% increase in invention disclosures
  • Increased quality and strategic alignment of disclosures
  • 70% increase in patent filings from invention disclosures
  • 20% reduction in non-strategic filings
  • 30-40% reduction in patent approval times
  • Dramatically reduced time to create global IP valuation estimates
  • 67% of trademark renewals lapsed as not aligned with strategic or financial goals
  • 33% reduction in trademark conflicts
  • Licensing revenues increased over 400% over 10 years
  • Guaranteed collection of trademark royalties with reduced administrative cost
  • Total IP budget decreased 33% in 3 years
  • $10m projected savings over 3 years by replacing in-house system
  • 85% of law firms using ANAQUA
  • 80% of invoices handled electronically

Anaqua can also bring significant benefits to law firms - learn more here.

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