IP Analytics


ANAQUA provides the operational structure, data visualization, and IP analytics needed to refine your internal operations, improve in-house prosecution performance, and evaluate outside counsel effectiveness. Leveraging IP analytics enables data-driven decisions that enhance your entire IP strategy. Operational visibility identifies bottlenecks where process automation can help create more efficient work procedures. Ranking and classifying your IP assets enables qualitative and quantitate reviews of your portfolio.

Analyzing prosecution data offers visibility into outside counsel’s work product, your competition’s position, and the state of the market. Evaluating the relative strength of your assets within their technology space enables you to make better maintenance decisions, design licensing strategy, and ascertain assertion opportunities for infringing products.

Law Firm Operations Practice Management Dashboard

Classification & Ranking

Maintaining visibility in your patent portfolio is critical to optimizing your company’s IP strategy. ANAQUA supports patent ranking and classification with industry and custom taxonomies to bring your IP assets into context with business objectives. Determining the internal value and market impact of your IP assets allows you to make better acquisition, pruning, and divestiture decisions.

Ranking and classifying your portfolio allows you to:

  • Track revenue associated with patents
  • Evaluate product protection and exposure concerns
  • Organize and evaluate patents based on patent strength, products, or technology classes
Assignees and Concept Landscape Analysis

Key IP analytics that help you understand your IP’s relative strength include:

  • Patent Scores
  • Growth in Class
  • Patents & Families
  • Citation & Rejection Analysis
  • Patent to Product Mapping
  • Technology & Class Landscapes & Evolution
  • Art Class Analysis

Licensing & Monetization

AcclaimIP enables you to identify potential infringing products early in their lifecycle. For example, forward rejection analysis combined with abandonment rates and timelines provide insight into potential infringing products based on patents that block your competitors from obtaining protection for comparable products. Combined with ANAQUA internal classifications, you have the data needed to assess whether to send assertion letters, approach infringers for licensing and divestiture opportunities, or, ultimately, file suit.

Analytics that support IP portfolio activation through licensing, litigation, and divestiture activities include:

  • Art Class Analysis
  • Citation & Rejection Analysis
  • Competitive Landscaping
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Technology Landscaping
  • Competitive Prosecution Tracking

Smarter Renewal & Pruning Decisions

ANAQUA helps you understand a patent’s strength in context with your product and business strategies. Through ANAQUA’s annuity decision workspace, your IP team can see the products your patents protect, its relevant patent family, and the strength and impact on the technology space. With ANAQUA workflows, integrated analytics, and annuities services, you can avoid missed deadlines and make smarter renewal decisions that mitigate risk and free up budget to spend on innovation.

Anaqua provides the best-in-class IPM solution, which fully integrates day-to-day operational capabilities with broader access to Big IP Data. Providing actionable insight is a core tenant of Anaqua’s platform and product development methodology.


Strategic benefits of implementing an IP management solution with integrated data analytics include:

  • Highly Configurable SaaS Platform
  • Analytics & Data-Driven Decision Making Capabilities
  • Best Practice IP Workflows & Efficiency
  • Strategic Supporting IP Services
  • Platform Scalability For Small to Large IP Practices
  • Integrated Client Relationship Management
  • Unified Platform