ANAQUA Enterprise

ANAQUA Enterprise is used by global IP leaders and organizations with significant IP portfolios and more complex IP management requirements. The system is designed to enhance business productivity across multiple functions within the organization, providing a comprehensive IP infrastructure that is integrated with your critical business systems. This solution extends beyond standard Enterprise IP management functions with advanced features such as: configurable online portals for collaboration with business users and service providers, tools to drive innovation and set budgets and goals; portfolio management tools to facilitate the IP strategy dialog with individual business units and make renewal and investment decisions; operational reports on costs, performance and cycle times; integrated content services for data import and validation.

ANAQUA Enterprise Solutions

Idea Management

ANAQUA supports a flexible two-step Idea-to-Invention process in which a portal user can submit an Idea for review and approval. Once the Idea is approved, the Idea survey expands to open the standard IDF form and the standard invention workflow proceeds.

  • Capture brainstorming meeting results from any remote location
  • Conduct patentability search before a formal IDF
  • Allow time for review before initiating mandatory inventor compensation procedures
  • Measure end-to-end idea to patent conversion rate and ROI

Invention Management

ANAQUA's Invention Management provides highly configurable innovation management tools to capture ideas and inventions for review and action, with online services for Inventors and workflow to drive review processes. It provides unique tools for tagging assets with the data required for portfolio management throughout the lifecycle.

Inventors have their own web portal for submitting an idea or initiating a new Invention Disclosure and for tracking the status of prior submissions. A fully-configurable online form can provide in-depth, step-by-step guidance to improve disclosure quality. Ideas and Invention Disclosures can contain electronic documents such as designs, electronic notes and prior art as attachments or links which are stored with the Invention records. Once an Idea is approved, the process automatically initiates the invention disclosure process.

The system provides a configurable review workflow in which committees can collaborate to assess inventions and determine filing plans or other treatment such as trade secrets.

Customized review forms and a unique visual Evaluation Matrix capture the business, technical and legal value judgments of the committee and record them in the system. ANAQUA's unlimited Classifications capability allows the new IP to be categorized appropriately as it is added to the IP portfolio.

There is also an optional Inventor Award module that supports a variety of award schemes, milestones and awards. The optional Product module provides extensive support for German Inventor Remuneration.

Product Management

If your business processes are centered around products, then you might find that traditional case management applications do not match to the way your business colleagues think and act. The ANAQUA Product Module helps IP teams naturally map to product-centric processes and projects. It is the only IP management solution that offers a ‘product-first’ approach to IP planning and development, in addition to the ‘matter-first’ approach that ANAQUA’s invention, patent and trademark modules support.

  • A product-first basis for Ideas, Inventions, Designs, and Trademarks
  • Product clearance surveys for a braoder view on infringement risk
  • Simplified Product Marking support

The product module can also be used for robust anti-counterfieting project management and tracking.

Patent Management

ANAQUA's Patent Management software dramatically improves efficiency and reduces costs with automated workflows, web-based collaboration, and integrated document management. IP staff, attorneys, inventors and outside counsel share a secure central repository of information and a paperless environment for patent drafting, filing and prosecution. The graphical Patent Family View with its easy navigation and the advanced tools for prior art and IDS management speed the process and save valuable time.

ANAQUA's One-Page Docketing™ brings the information you need onto a single screen laid out to match the way you work. ANAQUA's rules engine incorporates global country rules that drive configurable workflows for IP processes down to the level of individual office actions, with a unique US Patent Term Calculator. Alerts, reminders and escalations ensure that deadlines are met and tasks completed. ANAQUA’s auto-docketing provides automated bulk import and docketing of office actions from any PTO.

Data import tools automate record creation, with bulk data validation for US and international patents. When integrated with ANAQUA Services, past and future annuities information is available at the patent, family and portfolio level for cost analysis and projections. ANAQUA Filing Services provide one-click quotes and orders for the international phase of PCT and EP filings.

All the information you need is maintained in the record: the integrated document and email repository maintains a history of communications and decisions for each IP matter; links to PTO records and associated agreements and conflicts are automatically created; sophisticated query options, including full text search, and powerful reporting tools let business users quickly access the data they need.

There are optional modules for tracking Third Party Patents, administering Patent Awards, including robust Remuneration management, and an additional module for Strategic Patent Planning.

Trademark Management

ANAQUA is used to manage some of the most valuable brands in the world - including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, HP, Dell, Xerox, Jack Daniel’s and more - because it is the industry's leading trademark management system. ANAQUA's unique collaborative trademark management approach delivers dramatic efficiency gains for global trademark owners.

The system covers the full trademark lifecycle, from search and clearance to registration and licensing. Designs, domain names and copyrights are also supported. Global country rules drive automated workflow for both internal staff and agents. Alerts and escalations are automatically triggered if tasks are not completed on schedule so you can focus on important issues and let the system handle routine activities.

Creating a seamless process with marketing and other business functions, the Trademark Clearance Module provides an online trademark request process coupled with a global clearance project management function. Business users can access a Portal to enter their requests on a configurable online form. The request is routed through an automated review and approval workflow and a Clearance record is created with information copied from the request.

The Trademark Search Module provides the ability to initiate, manage and record searches for multiple marks in multiple countries. It supports full online collaboration with foreign agents, with electronic instruction and acknowledgement, updating of search results and uploading of images and search reports.

ANAQUA's One-Page Docketing™ brings the information you need onto a single screen laid out to match the way you work. ANAQUA's trademark management supports a paperless process with integrated images, document and email management, and a PTO Forms Library with document and mail merge templates. Outside agents can upload search reports and respond to instructions online. Global searches, applications and renewals can be bulk instructed with just a few clicks. The optional Trademark Renewals module automates the decision process and bulk renewal actions, ANAQUA Services provides integrated renewal payments and title updates.

Design Management

Anaqua has a unique Design Module that supports the management of Designs as a distinct asset type. Designs can also be managed in the patent module as a type of patent. Country rules are provided for all countries in both modules, and include global design laws including Hague System. The Design module includes an image gallery that holds any number of design images, which can be loaded by dragging and dropping one or more images into the browser.

The Design module includes the standard ANAQUA document and email management, workflow, One-Page DocketingTM , collaboration, classifications and related record links.

Portfolio Management

ANAQUA's Portfolio Management drives better IP decision making and more effective portfolio evaluations by showing IP in a business context. ANAQUA lets each client define exactly how to classify & rank their IP assets in unlimited dimensions of business, technical and strategic factors. Advanced on-line query, ad hoc reporting and dashboards lets business and technical managers segment the portfolio and report on assets any way they need to.

The optional Product Module supports a product-focused approach to IP portfolio management and managing all IP aspects of new product introductions. The system also supports Patent Planning & Budgeting so you can set and monitor IP production goals and budgets at multiple levels in the organization and see rolled up results in a dynamic dashboard. This means you can be proactive in establishing priorities for innovation and IP production.

The IP Review capability supports IP analysis projects such as infringement assessment and freedom to operate studies. Patents and trademarks from competitors and acquisition candidates can be stored in the system and ranked and classified using the same criteria as the internal portfolio.

IP Reviews

ANAQUA's IP Review capability allows clients to define and manage any kind of IP review project using the full power of ANAQUA's configurable workflows and internal and external collaboration. Each IP review can take advantage of the document and email repository, classifications, questionnaires, reporting and other standard features. Assets can be grouped and linked to one or more reviews. Decisions can be captured and new classifications applied to multiple assets in a single operation.

IP Review supports multiple types of review projects. Offensive Review enables clients to perform infringement analyses to evaluate potential cross-licensing or IP assertion opportunities. Other reviews support Freedom to Operate studies, competitive analysis and whitespace landscaping.

IP Review also provides extensive support for IP asset management in the context of industry standards development organizations, including SDO management and the Declaration process (including Letters of Assurance).

General Matters

ANAQUA's General Matters supports the management of all legal matters, including PTO proceedings, IP litigation and non-IP related cases. It uses the full power of ANAQUA's configurable workflows and internal and external collaboration. Each case can take advantage of the document and email management, questionnaires and other standard features. Assets can be linked to one or more general matters. Client-specific workflows and data fields and layout can be configured, with reminders, alerts and escalation.

ANAQUA also supports the management of conflict cases, including oppositions, cancellations, revocations, infringements, litigations and other disputes. Each conflict is linked to related IP records, which are automatically linked back to the conflict so that it is easy to see the conflicts associated with any asset. Third Party Patent and/or Trademarks can also be linked to the conflict.

Conflicts Management

ANAQUA supports the management of conflict cases, including oppositions, cancellations, revocations, infringements, litigations and other disputes. Each conflict is linked to related IP records, which are automatically linked back to the conflict so that it is easy to see the conflicts associated with any asset. Optional modules are available so that Third Party Patent and/or Trademarks can also be linked to a conflict.

Licensing & Royalty Management

Anaqua’s legal licensing management software is available as both a standalone solution and an integrated component of the ANAQUA IP Management solution. It provides a full lifecycle license agreement and contract management system that can be configured to your needs.

It can manage all forms of legal contracts, with a particular focus on IP licensing, including internal cross-licensing and external in- and out-licensing. It provides a paperless management system that captures contract terms, third parties, IP assets and financial terms as well as all documents and correspondence. All the IP assets are cross-linked so you can immediately identify the assets involved in a license or the agreements which include an asset.

ANAQUA provides a portal for business users to make agreement requests using customizable online forms and allows you to collaborate with outside counsel and business stakeholders during contract drafting and negotiation and final contract approval. Royalty payments can be tracked for each agreement.

The Royalties Management module establishes royalty payment schemes and schedules and manages the collections process. It automates the process of requesting royalty forecasts, distributing invoices and tracking royalty income, including electronic invoicing.

Cost Tracking and Invoicing

ANAQUA provides cost-tracking and invoice management to reduce costs and improve controls. It can also deliver better payment services to your network of agents and law firms who collaborate with you on the ANAQUA system.

ANAQUA's flexible electronic invoicing provides a global, multi-currency legal e-billing system for outside counsel, agents and any other third parties. Invoices for multiple matters can be uploaded securely and routed for approval. PTO and law firm charges automatically apply to relevant IP assets. ANAQUA tracks the cost of each supplier's task on a per country basis. Budgeted charges are pre-assigned to a matter and when invoices are received they can be matched with the charges for approval and payment. An invoice costs can also be tracked without prior budgeting.

ANAQUA's online invoicing system can operate standalone. It can also be integrated with other financial systems for invoice payment. In either mode, it dramatically reduces data entry and manual invoice processing for the IP department.


Anaqua uses a Managed Hosting Services partner who is SAS 70/SSAE 16 Type II Certified for security and uptime standards, with multiple hosting locations.

Anaqua product specialists, familiar with IP and web hosting needs, ensure fast, simple and responsive service. Through this "one-stop" full-service approach, Anaqua clients experience an exceptional level of satisfaction, often at less cost and higher reliability than in-house IT organizations or alternative hosting services.

ANAQUA Enterprise clients can choose to have their ANAQUA system hosted and maintained by Anaqua. There are flexible options including dedicated servers and multi-location failover.