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AQX Corporate IP Management Overview

All Innovation & IP Functions on a Single Global Platform

Your company’s innovation and IP assets are a vital driver to business success. 

Anaqua’s AQX® Corporate IP Management platform empowers your global team to meet IP deadlines, communicate, analyze, and make informed strategic decisions that can have a crucial impact on your company's success. 

Join the hundreds of companies around the world who rely on AQX® every day.


Cover End-to-End IP Management Needs with an Integrated and Scalable Platform

AQX® Corporate strengthens your company’s innovation process and full lifecycle management of patents, trademarks, designs, trade secrets, contracts, and more.

AQX covers all the major functions vital to IP—innovation, docketing, data integrity, prosecution, analytics, portfolio management, and financial management—in a single efficient platform. The platform scales with your company's growing needs.

Reduce Costs by Eliminating Manual and Redundant Processes

The foundation of AQX is a powerful, configurable law engine driven by country rules and timelines that kick off IP specific workflows and alerts to help your staff meet vital deadlines.

Reduce risk and accelerate IP protection efforts by managing daily tasks and workloads through easy-to-use visual dashboards. Stay organized with all documents in one place and easy sharing of documents with outside counsel.

Patent Analytics - AQX IPMS

Access Powerful Patent Analytics for Informed, Strategic Decision-Making

AQX delivers unparalleled patent analytics on your company's matters as well as the competitive landscape.

Access pre-configured visual analytic reports which rate and rank your patent and deliver competitive data points. Use powerful interactive dashboards to analyze data from a variety of perspectives.

Manage IP Expenses and Budgets with Financial Management Tools

AQX allows you to track, budget, and forecast costs and revenue associated with development, and commercialization of your IP portfolio.

Track outside counsel spend, annuity and renewal payments, and monetization of royalties and licensing agreements. Estimate costs for the entire portfolio, and visualize budgets and spend vs projected costs using interactive dashboards.

AQX Patent Analysis Report
AQX - Client Driven Roadmap

Benefit from a Partner Committed to Customer Input and IP Best Practices

From our start 20+ years ago, Anaqua’s technology leadership and product innovation has been driven by our customers. We meet regularly with multiple customer groups to develop our software roadmap based on their IP and business challenges.

AQX is used by over a million IP executives, attorneys, paralegals and administrators in corporations and law firms all over the world. 

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