Unified IP Management for Corporations

Flexible and Configurable

Whether you focus on Trademarks, Patents, Designs, or Contracts, ANAQUA's modular architecture delivers the flexibility to configure a solution that's right for your needs. ANAQUA's Corporate solution is available as either cloud-based or on-premise.

All ANAQUA modules leverage various software services included in ANAQUA foundation. Capabilities such as document management, workflow, collaboration and reporting are shared across all functional areas involved in IP thereby unifying IP Management and eliminating the need for add-on systems.

ANAQUA for Corporations Brochure
ANAQUA is the first IP solution with integrated market analytics. Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark, Honda, Safran, Hewlett-Packard, BASF, and others rely on ANAQUA to take their IP management to the next level.

Corporate Foundation

ANAQUA Foundation provides standard and optional shared software services that are leveraged across solution modules, departments and stakeholders. The Foundation is a powerful concept that enables you to reduce the number of systems needed to support IP, streamline workflows, and collaborate with partners more efficiently.

Invention Management

ANAQUA's Invention Management provides highly configurable innovation management tools to capture ideas and inventions for review and action, with online services for Inventors and workflow to drive review processes. It provides unique tools for tagging assets with the data required for portfolio management throughout the lifecycle.

Product Management

If your business processes are centered around products, then you might find that traditional case management applications do not match to the way your business colleagues think and act. The ANAQUA Product Module helps IP teams naturally map to product-centric processes and projects. It is the only IP management solution that offers a ‘product-first’ approach to IP planning and development, in addition to the ‘matter-first’ approach that ANAQUA’s invention, patent and trademark modules support.​

Patent Management

ANAQUA's Patent Management software dramatically improves efficiency and reduces costs with automated workflows, web-based collaboration, and integrated document management. IP staff, attorneys, inventors and outside counsel share a secure central repository of information and a paperless environment for patent drafting, filing and prosecution. The graphical Patent Family View with its easy navigation and the advanced tools for prior art and IDS management speed the process and save valuable time.

Trademark Management

ANAQUA is used to manage some of the most valuable brands in the world - including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, HP, Dell, Xerox, Jack Daniel’s and more - because it is the industry's leading trademark management system. ANAQUA's unique collaborative trademark management approach delivers dramatic efficiency gains for global trademark owners.

Design Management

Anaqua has a unique Design Module that supports the management of Designs as a distinct asset type. Designs can also be managed in the patent module as a type of patent. Country rules are provided for all countries in both modules, and include global design laws including Hague System. The Design module includes an image gallery that holds any number of design images, which can be loaded by dragging and dropping one or more images into the browser.

The Design module includes the standard ANAQUA document and email management, workflow, One-Page DocketingTM , collaboration, classifications and related record links.

Advanced Data Visualization with ANAQUA HyperView

ANAQUA HyperView provides faster, more flexible user-friendly reports. Based on the Sisense platform, ANAQUA HyperView uses elasticube analytics to slice and dice IP data. Multiple views and dashboards can be easily created by end-users, with the ability to get to the first dashboard in 90 minutes or less.

Portfolio Management

ANAQUA's Portfolio Management drives better IP decision making and more effective portfolio evaluations by showing IP in a business context. ANAQUA lets each client define exactly how to classify & rank their IP assets in unlimited dimensions of business, technical and strategic factors. Advanced on-line query, ad hoc reporting and dashboards lets business and technical managers segment the portfolio and report on assets any way they need to.

IP Reviews

ANAQUA's IP Review capability allows clients to define and manage any kind of IP review project using the full power of ANAQUA's configurable workflows and internal and external collaboration. Each IP review can take advantage of the document and email repository, classifications, questionnaires, reporting and other standard features. Assets can be grouped and linked to one or more reviews. Decisions can be captured and new classifications applied to multiple assets in a single operation.

Litigation Management

The Conflicts Module enables clients to create and manage litigation, oppositions, cancellations, revocations, infringements, enforcement actions, and other disputes. Each conflict links to related IP records, so it is easy to see the conflicts associated with any asset. Conflict status and activity is tracked, reported, and saved with opinions captured and documents uploaded.

Licensing & Royalty Management

Anaqua’s legal licensing management software is available as both a standalone solution and an integrated component of the ANAQUA IP Management solution. It provides a full lifecycle license agreement and contract management system that can be configured to your needs.

Cost Tracking and Invoicing

ANAQUA provides cost-tracking and invoice management to reduce costs and improve controls. It can also deliver better payment services to your network of agents and law firms who collaborate with you on the ANAQUA system.


Anaqua uses a Managed Hosting Services partner who is SAS 70/SSAE 16 Type II Certified for security and uptime standards, with multiple hosting locations.

Anaqua product specialists, familiar with IP and web hosting needs, ensure fast, simple and responsive service. Through our full-service approach, Anaqua clients experience an exceptional level of satisfaction, often at less cost and higher reliability than in-house IT organizations or alternative hosting services.

ANAQUA Enterprise clients can choose to have their ANAQUA system hosted and maintained by Anaqua. There are flexible options including dedicated servers and multi-location failover.