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powered by TurboPatent®

Creating a high quality patent can be exceptionally time-consuming and laborious. Patent professionals not only face the intellectual challenge of articulating the substantive aspects of an invention, they must also satisfy countless tedious, error-prone formatting requirements.

Specifically designed to alleviate these issues, ANAQUA STUDIO™ automates and streamlines the exacting tasks of patent drafting and prosecution. ANAQUA STUDIO™ features tools for every task from claims drafting and amending to specification drafting, drawing, and office action responses. Patent professionals can now focus their time and energy on the intellectual components of an application, drastically reducing the time it takes to produce high quality patents.

Data Sheet
ANAQUA Studio™ Data Sheet
ANAQUA Studio™ cuts the time to produce, prosecute, and process high-quality patent applications by 50% or more. Save four hours on provisional patent applications and 20 hours on nonprovisional applications

ANAQUA STUDIO™ is a highly secure, cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates with Anaqua's unified IP management software.


Claims Drafting Tool

The claims drafting tool can save you hours by automating the painstaking tasks of numbering, cross-referencing, and reordering claims. Additionally, the drafting tool identifies potential errors, helping you avoid costly 112 rejections.

  • Automatically numbers and cross-references claims
  • Supports drag-and-drop reordering of claims, with automatic renumbering and cross-referencing
  • Automatically formats text into lists and sub-lists
  • Automatically formats imported claim sets
  • Automatically tags claim terms
  • Auto-completing of tagged terms and phrases
  • Detects antecedent basis errors
  • Detects punctuation and formatting defects
  • Detects claim order and cross-reference errors
  • Detects circular claim number references
  • Transfers claims to-and-from popular word processing software
  • Imports partially drafted claims for further drafting, reordering, and validation
  • Provides a simple, secure management interface for claim sets
  • Automatically generates literal support for claims
  • Automatically transforms method claims to apparatus or computer readable media claims

Claims Amending Tool

The claims amending tool enables you to make quick and accurate revisions. You can work entirely within ANAQUA STUDIO™, or import from and export to a separate word processor.

  • Provides centralized and automatic maintenance of time-stamped versions of claims
  • Provides automatic, real-time calculation and presentation of claim status indicators
  • Automatically generates textual summary of claim amendments
  • Automatically formats amended claims with USPTO compliant markup to indicate edits
  • Provides a live preview of markup while editing
  • Automatically numbers, orders, and adjusts for dependencies
  • Detects claims with a canceled parent
  • Exports claims to word format with markup and status indicators shown or hidden
  • Imports clean claims with status
  • Imports currently amended claims with markup

Specification Drafting Tool

By automating tedious formatting and document preparation tasks, the specification drafting tool makes it easy to comply with USPTO standards. The specification drafting tool also provides powerful collaboration features, facilitating quick, clear, and effective communication.

  • Automatically numbers and renumbers relevant paragraphs, pursuant to USPTO guidelines
  • Generates fully USPTO-compliant and ready-to-file PDF
  • Provides collaboration tools such as inline comments and questions
  • Generates a glossary section on demand from a vast library of vetted definitions of technical terms and acronyms
  • Generates MSFT Word formatted files as needed for sharing or archiving

Drawing Tool

The drawing tool provides an intuitive drawing environment that was specifically designed for patent illustrations. With the drawing tool, producing or importing USPTO compliant drawings is simple and painless.

  • Integrates drafting and drawing tools, eliminating the need to leave the composing environment to generate a figure
  • Provides a simplified drawing tool that was designed strictly for preparing patent figures
  • Automatically numbers all figure components across multiple drawings
  • Automatically renumbers as edits are made and drawings are rearranged in an application
  • Automatically generates flowcharts from system diagrams
  • Automatically generates the Brief Description section of the specification
  • Automatically generates traverse content for the Detailed Description section of the specification based on the structure and content of figures created in the tool
  • Automatically synchronizes changes in the drawings to the text of the specification
  • Imports and renumbers existing drawings from legacy tools
  • Imports a photo of a whiteboard sketch and traces over it to make a structured drawing
  • Generates fully formatted and ready-to-file PDF files of the figures in compliance with all USPTO requirements

Office Action Tool

The office action tool can prevent you from wasting countless hours scouring through documents. Additionally, the office action tool quickly generates informative summaries that can be presented to clients or other stakeholders.

  • Automatically analyzes Office action PDFs from the USPTO
  • Automatically transcribes Office action bibliographic data such as application number, examiner name, confirmation number, and more
  • Parses, spots, and reports any issues that are identified in the Office action PDF
  • Automatically generates customized response templates based on issues cited by the examiner


The dashboard provides an effective environment for organizing and managing your work.

  • Provides access to all applications in a list view, sortable by client, docket number, title, and date
  • Saves all work to secure cloud-based servers for convenient access and version control