Corporate Foundation



ANAQUA provides a baseline software offering with additional modules and services add-ons that complement the foundation and support all phases of the IP lifecycle. Foundation is a powerful platform that enables you to reduce the number of systems needed to support IP, streamline workflows, and collaborate with partners more efficiently.

Document and Email Management

ANAQUA provides integrated document and email management to support paperless IP operations. Each case produces a variety of documents and correspondence, which the system can store, track, and report on; upload documents to one or more records as their needs dictate. Email, attachments, and documents are full-text searchable so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Merge codes tap commonly used data, such as responsible agent, inventor name, and reference number to auto-populate forms and standard correspondence. Share case records from the system simply by selecting a contact and auto-generating an email with an included URL link. Attach documents to tasks, with deadlines for pending due dates, so the person responsible for completing the task has the information they need right at their fingertips.

  • Quick Search gives you fast access to records and documents using a wide variety of internal or external reference numbers, project names, or via full text search
  • FIND provides an extensive set of search criteria for full text searches and search by classifications of records, documents, email, and email attachments. Drag-and-drop panels let you personalize the FIND screen. Results display links to records as well as images. Select the fields to display and move and sort columns before exporting to Excel or PDF providing a powerful quick and easy reporting tool
  • My Searches - save and bookmark search criteria and results as reusable searches. This provides a simple, convenient way to generate reports to print or export for further analysis and distribution


Workflow automation is key to productivity, and Anaqua’s Unified IP Management platform significantly increases your team’s productivity by streamlining intellectual property operations. Anaqua often returns more savings than the cost of the system in the first 18-24 months.

  • Process automation empowers your team to do more in-house by freeing up staff time
  • Bulk updates, exports, and task assignments allow you to handle large volume projects fast, speed cycle times, and eliminate redundant data entry
  • Validate billing accuracy with electronic invoicing for law firms and agents
  • Automatic notifications, alerts, and open task escalation ensures work is completed on time so you never miss a deadline
  • ANAQUA STUDIO automates and streamlines patent application drafting and Office Action responses

These are just a few of the ways ANAQUA increases productivity and reduces IP cost while elevating quality and internal client service levels.


ANAQUA was the first IP Management system to offer web-based collaboration, and we continue to lead the market in this space. Online collaboration dramatically improves IP operational efficiency while providing unmatched access to the information needed by every stakeholder involved in intellectual property asset management.

ANAQUA’s new Document Workspaces provide a configurable collaboration environment for IP management activities not directly related to an IP asset record. Workspaces give you the ability to create, organize, collaborate on, review, and publish documents in a folder structure supporting the full depth of ANAQUA data management. Tailored to user specific needs, ANAQUA’s Document Workspaces include a document-centric workspace for attorneys, a matter-centric workspace for docketers, collaborative workspaces for outside counsel, and project workspaces for R&D and business units.

When inventors and attorneys share an online system, they draft and file patents faster and with greater accuracy. The IP team decides what each user can see and update using a simple administration tool to define roles and permissions. The team benefits by freeing up resources from routine data entry and report generation so you can focus on the pressing issues of the day.

The Anaqua client community is one of the largest forums for industry insight and best practice sharing in the IP asset management space. Anaqua's clients have over half a million users at hundreds of corporations, law firms, and agents around the world accessing their ANAQUA systems on a daily basis. As a member of the Anaqua community, you benefit from their experience and advice on how to gain the benefits of online collaboration for your IP operations.


ANAQUA's state of the art user experience enables new levels of productivity and personalization. Customize your interface to match your responsibilities, priorities, and preferences.

  • My Views allows you to customize your Home Page and Calendar using configurable Gadgets that display bookmarks, dashboard reports, tasks, and notifications. Configure and save multiple Views based on your individual workflow. Select your language preference
  • My Bookmarks display system-wide standard bookmarks and user-defined My Bookmarks on the homepage and other Views. Bookmarks are one-click links to websites, IP records, searches, and reports
  • My Screen Layout allows you to configure your screen display. With drag-and-drop, expand-and-close panels, each user can select groups of vital data to display in whatever order they desire. The user can save this as the default layout and change it at any time
  • My Searches save and bookmark search criteria and results as reusable searches. This provides a simple, convenient way to generate reports to print or export for further analysis and distribution
  • One-Page Docketing™ - a single, unified, configurable screen with the information docket administrators need to complete their work without accessing multiple screens
  • Auto-complete Data Entry for contact names, country, organizations, projects, budgets, and classifications that improve usability and data quality

Dashboards and Reports

The ANAQUA system has powerful online query and reporting tools to provide IP Business Intelligence for intellectual asset managers and other IP staff.

  • ANAQUA HyperView™ - provides advanced operational insight with enhanced data visualization and powerful analytics for fast, flexible, user-friendly dashboards and reports. No need for a data base administrator or business analyst; create your first dashboard in minutes
  • ANAQUA HyperView - provides dynamic data interaction by exploiting the power of a Unified IP Platform to provide in depth reports from all the data in your ANAQUA system
  • External patent data integration - enables you to research and analyze competitive portfolios

Mobile Apps

ANAQUA supports the major browsers on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, but now ANAQUA 8.5 delivers ANAQUA Anywhere support for native mobile apps. Developed specifically for the major mobile environments of iOS, Android, and Windows, ANAQUA’s mobile apps are for on-the-go attorneys, managers, and IP staff who need fast access to IP information whenever and wherever their business takes them.

Designed in consultation with the Anaqua client community, each app provides crisp, graphical IP information in the familiar touch and swipe environment of your favorite mobile device. The ten initial applications include a Patent Dashboard, Trademark Dashboard, Trademark Family Status, World Trademark Coverage Maps, and more.

With ANAQUA 8.5, the mobile Anti-Counterfeiting app provides real-time photo capture in the field for fast filing of enforcement actions.

You directly install ANAQUA’s Mobile Apps from commercial app stores (e.g. Apple Store) and use the same underlying infrastructure as the ANAQUA web application.

Content Integration

The ANAQUA system lets you classify and rank your IP assets in limitless dimensions of business, technical, and strategic concepts. It provides tools and workflow to help you capture your data early in the process and maintain it through the life of the asset. Sophisticated on-line query and flexible reporting allow you to slice, dice, and visualize your data to answer the questions needed to make smarter decisions. Anaqua then enables you to compare your assets to a competitor, or third party assets, to identify areas to focus innovation and prosecution goals.

Now you can decide what to keep and what to let go with a clear view of the business impact on your organization. See the effect of a change in business priorities and take immediate action. Identify gaps and focus your innovation investment to fill them. Confidently show business units the power of IP investments and match expenses to priorities.

Data Validation and Integration

ANAQUA provides powerful data validation at the record or portfolio level using U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) Private Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) information and global data from Anaqua Data Services. Export reports and import via XML to seamlessly share PTO data and enhance overall productivity. Ensure that the data you have on your patents match what is on file at the PTOs.