Idea Management

Comprehensive, Flexible, Collaborative Idea Management

ANAQUA's Idea Management supports a flexible two-step idea-to-invention process. Inventors submit an idea for review and approval through ANAQUA’s Inventor Portal, and, once approved, the idea survey expands to open a standard IDF form and the invention workflow proceeds.

  • Users can leverage the ANAQUA Portal and Surveys to submit ideas for review and request searches from attorneys or other specialists, with configurable workflow, notifications and reminders
  • Fully configurable two-step process for preliminary review of an idea. When approved, the idea is expandable into a full IDF
  • All documents, emails, and notes can be saved in the record or Document Workspace

Further, with the acquisition of ideaPoint, Anaqua elevates its software offering with a highly comprehensive partnering, innovation, and opportunity management system configured to meet each client’s specific process. Opportunities often include Mergers & Acquisitions, R&D Collaborations, Business Development & Licensing, and Investigator Initiated Studies.

With ideaPoint, you can scout, evaluate, invest in, track, and manage partnering and collaboration opportunities that spark innovation, accelerate new product development, and drive growth. Top global life science companies including Novartis and Boston Scientific, as well as leaders in apparel, CPG, and other industries leverage ideaPoint for growth and competitive edge by increasing the quantity of opportunities and reducing time to decision with streamlined workflows.

  • Secure strategic partnerships and manage critical requests, initiatives, and alliances
  • Enhance collaboration and visibility across organizations; increase decision quality
  • Track and report on milestones and tasks throughout the decision making process
  • Manage all email correspondence, phone conversations, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Configure review forms to support entire corporate evaluation process
  • Capture brainstorm meeting results from any remote location
  • Measure end-to-end idea to patent conversion rate and ROI
  • Conduct patentability searches before drafting a formal IDF
  • Highly secure for all IP, M&A, and Venture activity
  • Quickly and efficiently assign reviews to SMEs
  • Notify owners when reviews are complete
  • Protect confidential reviews
  • Simple, intuitive UX