ideaPoint Key Features

Key Features

ideaPoint provides industry leading best practices in innovation evaluation process management. The SaaS solution includes globally accessible web portals, partnering & collaboration workflows and a process management backend that seamlessly integrates with your mail clients and existing internal systems. Simply put, it works with your existing information intake and evaluation processes.

Your teams can scout, evaluate, invest in, track and manage dynamic growth opportunities – all within a unified, secure system which provides transparency within the organization (where appropriate) to eliminate redundant efforts.

Some notable features in ideaPoint are:

Configurable Forms

  • Source key information from submitters via web forms tailored to your team’s specific data collection and evaluation needs

Branded Portals

  • Tap your global innovation network of partners via internal or external branded Web portals
  • Seek and harvest ideas, opportunities, strategic partnerships and critical requests from external sources via a secure and configurable internal Web portal

Virtual Team Assembly

  • Assemble virtual teams across functional areas to formally review submissions and supporting documents using a collaborative analytic toolset, including configurable review forms, comments, and ratings
  • Involve staff from relevant business and legal units easily and when appropriate to offer key inputs and advance negotiations, leveraging data cloning, and linking functionality, as needed

Automated Routing

  • Triage new opportunities and requests at pace by auto-routing portal submissions to the appropriate staff members for initial review
  • Accelerate time to go/no-go decisions on opportunities, without sacrificing the quality of the evaluation process

Robust Tracking

  • Align partner, contract and project management for alliances with the support of robust workflow, tracking and reporting tools
  • Guarantee transparency, as the system automatically logs all activities and maintains an audit trail of events.
  • Track workflow and sign off at key stages of the negotiation process, managing critical documents and assigning legal agreements and policies; create ad hoc tasks for team members to modify the workflow
  • Capture go/no-go decisions, terminating no-go decisions swiftly and with transparent compliance, automatically capturing an audit trail of all system activity and mitigating risk of intellectual property contamination


  • Track and share progress throughout the evaluation process using automated status change alerts and email notifications, configurable for internal and external parties
  • Ensure contractual compliance and on-time performance via system generated notifications for milestones coming due
  • Engage internal and external partners and stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the process

On-Demand Reporting

  • Forecast goals and financial commitments for resulting projects and alliances by setting milestones and recording contractual and funding obligations
  • Track and report on all decision points and opportunity-related activities, milestones and contract obligations
  • Report and analyze performance on-demand via configurable, user-defined data views to visualize dashboards, saved searches or custom reports that easily export and print
  • Track and report on all aspects of contract and term development or re-negotiation, including planning, financial commitments, project milestones and outcomes


  • Secure communication and transmission of information and supporting documents through the portal interface and toolset, enabling interaction with submitters and delivery of notifications throughout the evaluation process
  • Restrict visibility of sensitive data, correspondence and documents to authorized individuals by enacting role-based security policies and assigning confidentiality agreements
  • Secure submissions and attached documents to allow appropriate access based on user roles

Extended Profiles

  • Capture and maintain extended profile information from submitters so you can later target the appropriate audiences with challenges or requests
  • Manage contact and institution details, drilling down into relationships and alliances as they relate to opportunities and projects across business units