Invention Management

Highly Configurable Invention Management

ANAQUA's Invention Management provides highly configurable innovation management tools to capture ideas and inventions for review and action. Portal access for inventors, with associated workflow, drive the submission and review processes. ANAQUA has unique tools for tagging assets with the data required for portfolio management throughout the lifecycle.

Inventors access a web portal to submit a new Invention Disclosure Form, track the status of prior submissions and awards, and collaborate with the legal team on PTO applications. A fully configurable online form provides in-depth, systematic guidance to improve disclosure quality. Invention Disclosure Forms can contain electronic documents such as designs, electronic notes, and prior art as attachments or links, which are stored in the invention’s record. The system provides a configurable review workflow in which committees collaborate to assess inventions and determine filing plans or other options such as trade secret protection. ANAQUA’s unique visual Evaluation Matrix captures the business, technical, and legal value judgments of your committee and records them in the system. Once approved, the process automatically initiates PTO application workflow. ANAQUA's unlimited classifications capability allows you to categorize the new IP appropriately and add it to your IP portfolio.

Invention Disclosure

ANAQUA allows your organization to evaluate Invention Disclosure Forms in the Pre-Rankings and My Reviews tabs of the Gadget View as well as the Evaluation window of a record. IP Executives and other stakeholders track the status of inventions through the review process and give their feedback on each invention’s potential to move forward in the IP lifecycle. You select who you want to participate in evaluation of IDFs during initial review to ensure quality inventions make it to application and prosecution stages. Each reviewer ranks IDFs according to potential for quality patent applications in order to prioritize workflow for the IP team. Additionally, reviewers can propose questions and comments to the review committee for further consideration.

  • Define custom metrics for review factors and Evaluation Matrix labels for committee reviews
  • Catalogue inventions into preset and custom classifications for ease of searching and review
  • Assign in-house or outside counsel work for applications and prosecution of approved IDFs
  • Track personal workflow for IDFs to pre-rank and review to manage time efficiently
  • View the pre-rank score and status of a committee review for individual IDFs
  • Manage inventors for individual IDFs and remuneration

Inventor Awards

The Inventor Awards Module supports configurable invention and patent incentive award programs with the ability to track and monitor inventor feedback and pending deadlines. Update status in real-time as reviews are completed, patents filed, granted, and awards processed. German clients can utilize its support for German remuneration law with claiming documents workflow. An additional Inventor Remuneration Module works with the Product Module to support client-specific remuneration calculations.

  • Guide inventors through the process and provide status of awards and timelines
  • Structured invention evaluation and ranking program
  • Calculate and administer awards after grant