IP Analytics

Big Data has created a business climate where reimagined products and strategies are shaped with insight that was unachievable only a few years ago. Patent Data is Big Data - a disruptive force to Intellectual Property Management. Visionaries exploit it to discover innovation sources and new markets. They rely on it to evaluate the quality of their outside counsel patents and services. It alerts them to competitive threats and uncovers hidden litigation and licensing opportunities. With AcclaimIP, Anaqua provides the only solution that integrates Patent Data insight into a software platform that manages the IP process from beginning to end.

Classification and Ranking – Know Yourself

Power better decisions throughout the lifecycle.

Many companies do not know what’s in their Patent portfolio, they don’t know what technology is covered, which products are covered, or who’s infringing. This lack of insight makes it nearly impossible to know which patents have revenue potential, which have defensive value, and which aren’t worth maintaining.

ANAQUA allows you to classify patents with product mapping and other business context that helps you understand the internal relevance and value of your patent portfolio. Then ANAQUA completes the picture with patent strength and technology relevance powered by AcclaimIP analytics. This 360° wrapper follows the patent object to support decisions throughout the ANAQUA-managed licensing, conflicts and annuities processes.


  • Track revenue associated with patents
  • Understand products protected or exposed
  • Organize and evaluate patents based on patent strength, products, or technology classes

Key AcclaimIP analytics that help you understand your IP position include:

  • Technology class by number of patents
  • Filing Class
    • Patent Score
    • Landscape
    • Growth in class
    • Rejection Analytics
    • Patents and Families
  • Art class analysis
    • Ownership
    • Time trends
    • Leadership
    • Rank
    • Cross blocking
    • New entrants
    • Related Documents
  • Outside Counsel Benchmarking

Licensing and Monetization - Know the Market

Maximize the revenue generating power of your portfolio.

AcclaimIP allows corporations to identify potential infringing products early in their lifecycle. For example, forward rejection analysis with abandonment rates and timelines provide insight into patents that block competitors from obtaining protection for comparable products. Combined with ANAQUA internal classifications, attorneys have the critical data they need to assess whether to send assertion letters, approach infringers for licensing and divestiture opportunities, or, ultimately, file suit.


  • Identify potential infringers
  • Discover licensing opportunities
  • Develop stronger defensive strategies
  • Discover partner/acquisition opportunities

Analytics that power understanding the market include:

  • Art class strategy
  • Concept Matrix
  • Custom Taxonomy
  • Rejection Analysis
  • Citation Analysis
  • Technology class by number of patents
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Threat monitoring
  • Competitive Prosecution Tracking
    • Notices to corp. or law firm (for clients) for block alerts and continued status tracking

Annuities – Smarter Renewals and Pruning

Manage your budget more wisely

ANAQUA helps you understand a patents role in your product strategy. Through an annuity decision workspace, the IP team can see the revenue it generates, the products it protects, the competitors it blocks, and the market in which it participates. Combined with ANAQUA workflows and integrated annuities services, you can avoid missed deadlines and make smarter renewal or pruning decisions that mitigate risk and free up more budget to spend on new patents.


  • Avoid missed deadlines
  • Maintain the most important patents - Avoid wasting money on low value renewals
  • Free maintenance budget to spend on new patents

AcclaimIP analytics that support smarter decisions include:

  • Patent Score
  • Landscape
  • Growth in class
  • Rejection Analysis
  • Technology landscape
  • Patent Landscape

Anaqua provides the best-in-class IPM solution, which fully integrates day-to-day operational capabilities with broader access to IP big data, closing the gap between insight and action.

  • Highly configurable SaaS platform (or self-hosted model)
  • Analytics and data driven decision making capabilities
  • Best practice IP workflows and efficiency
  • Strategic supporting IP services
  • Platform scalability for small to large IP teams
  • Tightly integrated – all capabilities work together on a single platform
  • Loosely coupled – pick only the packages needed