Patent Management

Efficient, Collaborative, Integrated Patent Management

ANAQUA's industry leading Patent Management Module dramatically improves efficiency and reduces costs with automated workflows, web-based collaboration, and integrated document management. IP staff, attorneys, inventors, and outside counsel share a secure central repository of information and a paperless environment for patent drafting, filing, and prosecution. The graphical Patent Family View with easy navigation and advanced prior art tools for IDS management speed the process and save valuable time. ANAQUA’s workflow supports configurable escalation rules so, after a predetermined time, the system alerts a manager to a delay in completing any task by internal staff or outside counsel. ANAQUA, further, provides related art import and management with a graphical Citation Matrix to assist tracking and citing art across one or more patent families.

Data Sheet
ANAQUA Patent Management
ANAQUA Patent Management delivers high-level process automation and integrated IP data analytics that provide insight into your operations, portfolio, market, competitors, and potential clients.


ANAQUA's One-Page Docketing™ brings the information you need onto a single screen laid out to match your organization and personal work procedures. ANAQUA's rules engine incorporates global country rules that drive configurable workflows for IP processes down to the level of individual Office Actions with a unique US Patent Term Calculator. In order to ensure you and your team meet all deadlines and completes tasks timely; ANAQUA integrates alerts, reminders, and escalations into the rules engine. Further, ANAQUA’s auto-docketing provides bulk import of Office Action documents and correspondence as well as auto processing of PTO XML documents.

Data Import

Data import tools automate record creation with bulk data validation for US and international patents. When integrated with ANAQUA Services, past and future annuities information is available at the patent, family, and portfolio level for cost analysis and projections. ANAQUA provides a collection of Excel-based data upload tools for error-free initial data loading, client on boarding, and portfolio acquisition. Country laws, bulk data import, user-configurable rules, and real-time data validation drive the processes during data entry.

Document Management

The integrated document and email repository maintains a history of communications and decisions for each IP matter. Links to PTO and conflict records, workflows, and associated agreements automatically generate as documents enter the system. Sophisticated query options, including full text search, and powerful reporting tools let you quickly access and visualize the data you need. There are also optional modules for tracking third party patents, administering patent awards, including robust remuneration management, and an additional module for strategic patent management and planning.

Related Art

The Related Art Management feature in the Patent Management Module makes it easy for attorneys to review related art and manage the review and citation status across multiple patent families and cases. Search for related art across matters and view lists of inventions or patents where they’re linked. During the search process, retrieve related art from public data sources and automatically create a summary document for review; leverage ANAQUA’s unique visual Citation Matrix to track related art review and citation status across multiple unrelated patents.

  • Use the Document Management functions for related art documents including drag and drop upload and full text search
  • Upload related art documents and link to as many matters as needed
  • Preview and generate USPTO IDS documents automatically
  • Retrieve multi-record related art from ADS, available by subscription

Patent Application Drafting

The Patent Management Module provides a full complement of tools to manage application drafting, prosecution, maintenance, and filing activities. With the Patent Management Module, clients support their drafting and filing processes by configuring workflow and decision-making assignments and proactively managing all related tasks, correspondence, and documents. ANAQUA’s collaboration tools ensure all stakeholders are actively involved in the process. Create multiple applications directly from the filing plan, and Patent Trademark Office record links are automatically created once applications are filed with e-filing supported for a number of PTOs. ANAQUA Filing Services provides patent translations, preparation, and filing of PCT national stage entries and EP validations.

  • ANAQUA STUDIO automates and streamlines patent management and prosecution with tools for claims drafting, drawing, and Office Action responses.
  • IP Executives and other stakeholders can review applications and Office Actions to leave or answer comments for the patent drafter.

Office Action Response

Both in-house and outside counsel can securely access and directly contribute to cases assigned to them, collaborate on Office Action responses, and enter docket tasks. Further, IP Executives can bulk assign and reassign Office Action responses and docketing to in-house staff and outside counsel based on business needs. ANAQUA STUDIO automates and streamlines Office Action review and response drafting making patent attorneys highly productive.

  • Office Actions are dragged and dropped into STUDIO, which identifies the claims at issue and populates a response template for the drafter to fill out
  • IP Executives and stakeholders can review Office Actions and leave or answer comments for the patent attorney
  • To assist in deadline management, ANAQUA’s law engine provides escalation rules and alerts to a manager if there’s a delay in completing an Office Action response by internal staff or outside counsel


For the annuity payment process, the Patent Management Module provides portfolio reviews and payment decision workflows with an integration to ANAQUA Services as well as the ability to interface with other annuity service providers. Obtain quotes and place orders directly from the patent record screen and capture budgets and costs in the system with the optional Invoicing and Budgeting Module. ANAQUA Services provides past and future payment data to allow cost projection reports at the patent and portfolio level.

Third Party Portfolio Analysis

The Third Party Patents Module supports the import and analysis of portfolios and patents with images owned by potential licensees, competitors, and other entities.

  • Upload third party patents in bulk then analyze in the same way as client assets
  • Link to General Matters, IP Reviews, Conflicts, and Agreements
  • Automatically classify third party patents using the same classifications used for your own patent portfolio using semantic analysis of a defined set of document texts
  • Leverage the IP Review module to manage more in-depth analysis of specific third party patents