Trademark Management

Configurable & Proactive Trademark Management

ANAQUA’s industry leading Trademark Management Module manages some of the most well-known and lucrative brands in the world including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, HP, Dell, Xerox, and Jack Daniel’s. The Trademark Management Module provides a full set of tools for application drafting, prosecution, maintenance, and filing activities. Clients support their filing processes by configuring workflow and decision-making assignments while proactively managing all related tasks, correspondence, and documents. Create multiple applications directly from the filing plan, search records, or using the Create Trademark Wizard.

ANAQUA's unique collaborative management approach delivers dramatic efficiency gains for global trademark owners. The system covers the full trademark lifecycle from search and clearance to registration and licensing. The Trademark Management Module also supports designs, domain names, and copyrights. Global country rules drive automated workflow for both internal staff and agents. Tasks not completed on schedule trigger alerts and escalations automatically so you can focus on more pressing matters, while the system handles routine deadline management.

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ANAQUA Trademark Management
A complete and integrated solution for trademark life cycle management.

Clearance Search

ANAQUA’s trademark clearance search provides an online request process coupled with a global clearance project management function. Business users access a portal and surveys to request searches from attorneys or other specialists, with configurable workflow, notifications, and reminders. The request routs through an automated review and approval workflow and creates a clearance record with information copied from the request. The Trademark Search feature provides the ability to initiate, manage, and record searches for multiple marks in multiple countries. It supports full online collaboration with foreign agents, with electronic instruction and acknowledgement, updating of search results, and uploading of images and search reports.

  • Manage searches in Document Workspaces
  • Records have a configurable secondary status, which is used to track search type and status
  • All documents, emails, and notes are saved in the record or Document Workspace
  • Create custom surveys for submitting search requests to the attorney(s) responsible with workflow similar to that used for Idea Management


One-Page Docketing™ brings the information you need onto a single screen laid out to match the way you work. ANAQUA's trademark management supports a paperless process with integrated images, document and email management, and a PTO Forms Library with document and mail merge templates. Outside agents can upload search reports and respond to instructions online. Global searches, applications, and renewals can be bulk instructed with just a few clicks.

  • Create and use sophisticated prosecution templates that structure tasks, assignments, due dates, and escalation responsibilities with full country law support from the law engine.
  • Automatically create PTO record links once application filing is complete, with e-filing support for a number of PTOs globally.
  • ANAQUA’s auto-docketing provides bulk import of Office Action documents and correspondence

Trademark Renewals

The Trademark Management Module automates the decision process and bulk renewal actions for the renewal payment process. It also provides portfolio reviews and payment decision workflows with an integration with ANAQUA Services as well as the ability to interface to other renewal service providers. ANAQUA Services provides past and future payment data to allow cost projection reports at the trademark and portfolio level.

  • Obtain quotes and place orders directly from the trademark screens
  • Create PTO record links automatically once applications are filed
  • Support for Community Trade Mark (CTM) e-filing with OHIM
  • E-filing is supported for a number of PTOs

Third Party Portfolio Analysis

The Third Party Trademarks Module supports the import and analysis of IP portfolios and trademarks with images owned by potential licensees, competitors, and other entities.

  • Upload third party trademarks in bulk, then analyze in the same way as client assets
  • Link to General Matters, IP Reviews, Conflicts, and Agreements
  • Automatically classify third party trademarks using the same classifications used for your own trademark portfolio using semantic analysis of a defined set of document texts
  • Leverage the IP Review module to manage more in-depth analysis of specific third party trademarks

Trademark Infringement & Watch

Manage infringements of any kind in the Conflicts Module, which provides configurable support for tracking infringements including support for docketing specific opposition and enforcement procedures with deadlines and reminders. The Trademark Management Module also records and tracks watch status. Employees, partners, and service providers can submit suspected infringements including photos and other documents through the ANAQUA Portal. Leverage the Third Party Patent and Trademark Management Modules to capture details of counter party IP linked to Conflicts.

  • Track oppositions, infringements, and other of legal conflicts (but not law firm conflicts of interest) in the Conflicts Module with the standard ANAQUA collaboration, document and email management, and workflow functions
  • Docket actions and deadlines, assign tasks and reminders
  • Capture all documents and emails for a case
  • Create records for third party IP and link to one or more conflicts
  • Create Conflict Umbrella records for a complete view of all conflicts with a counterparty
  • Use custom surveys for employees, partners, and service providers to alert the IP team of suspected infringements with associated workflow

Anti-Counterfeit Enforcement

ANAQUA provides comprehensive support to your IP team for anti-counterfeiting activities including reporting suspected counterfeit products found online or on the street; workflow for review and action; tracking contacts, entities, litigation, settlements; creating and linking products, conflicts, agreements and general matter records; tracking expenses and reporting on activity, outcomes, and trends.

  • Access a configurable survey to report on counterfeit products, which captures product name, description, today’s date, user name, brief remarks, and location via GPS
  • Upload one or more images of the various counterfeit product with dimensions and one designated as primary
  • Upon review, if the IP manager decides to take action against the offending party, the paralegal launches a Conflict Record to track enforcement efforts and further development
  • Automatically link the counterfeit product record with its images as a subject to the new record
  • Internal brand, mark, or patents infringed can also be linked to the conflict
  • Define a panel for variable counterfeit tracking details for entry and reporting
  • The standard Conflict Current Position, Event Log, and the Prosecution child window provide convenient tools for tracking the prosecution of the case