As an IP attorney, you’re the backbone of the corporate IP team. You deliver the highest value when assessing ideas, drafting PTO applications, and advising the business on IP strategy. Unfortunately, most in-house IP attorneys spend 20% of their average day on administrative tasks, and an additional 40% preparing PTO applications and responding to Office Actions.

Imagine how much you’d accomplish using a solution that automates the vast majority of your administrative burden. ANAQUA mitigates risk and cuts down the time you spend on preparation and prosecution, allowing you to focus on nurturing innovation and advising the business.

Jeb Shookman
Jeb Shookman
Patent Development Director
Hewlett Packard

One of the most valuable things about Anaqua is just the sheer amount of data that we can store on all of our cases. We have the confidence in knowing that all the data is in the system and in the future we can keep building on it and getting more and more out of it.

The tasking system in Anaqua is very useful. I never have to worry about dropping the ball on something. It seems like there are tasks for everything.

Automate Tedious Clerical Work

You didn’t earn a degree in engineering or science, and then a Juris Doctorate, to spend your day on tedious administrative tasks. Nevertheless, it’s likely that much of your day is consumed by managing record files and searching for documents.

ANAQUA dramatically reduces your administrative burden with best practice workflows that automate dull, repetitive data entry. Managing documents and referencing related art is fast and easy when they are/it’s all housed in one place. With the mundane work taken care of, you can concentrate on creating value for the business through innovation assessment and improved IP strategy.

White Paper
Designing A Killer Patent Portfolio
Don’t just rush to file patents, even though speed matters. Carefully curate IP assets into strategic patent portfolios that have value in parts and even more as a whole.

Cut Down Preparation and Prosecution Time

The average IP attorney spends 22% of their day drafting Office Action responses and 18% drafting patent applications, which means 40% of your day is lost to the preparation and prosecution of PTO applications. An automated drafting application would significantly reduce the time it takes you to prepare and prosecute quality applications and respond to Office Actions.

Drafting provisional applications in ANAQUA STUDIO takes an average of 4 hours instead of 8, while Non-Provisional applications take 18 hours instead of up to 38. ANAQUA STUDIO can also analyze your Office Actions, identify the claims at issue, and populate a response template. Automation this efficient allows you to spend more time working with inventors and enhancing IP strategy.

Never Miss a Deadline

The number one thing that keeps IP attorneys up at night is missing a deadline, which could cost the business strategic positioning and potential revenue. Disparate systems and disconnected dockets can create pitfalls even for the most vigilant attorneys and IP teams. ANAQUA allows you to manage PTO filings, Office Action deadlines, and maintenance payment schedules on a team and individual level, all in the same place. Housing all the documents related to drafting, prosecution, foreign filing, and licensing in ANAQUA’s document management system means nothing ever slips through the cracks.