Innovation Management

A Bigger, Smarter Innovation Funnel

A Bigger, Smarter Innovation Funnel

Draw From More Good Ideas

Ideas can come from anywhere. Any employee, customer or team could deliver the next game-changer. ANAQUA offers the option of capturing brainstorming meeting results or new ideas from the lab, from manufacturing, from the field or any other remote location for preliminary review, through a simple portal, prior to a formal IDF. ANAQUA’s true end-to-end process automation is ideal for organizations seeking a greater volume of quality throughput and visibility into idea-to-patent conversion rates and ROI.

Tim Melchior
Tim Melchior
Senior Legal Operations Analyst
Ingersoll Rand

Now, we are able to have far more idea generation, more invention disclosures to choose from, to cherry pick those ideas that advance our strategies, reinforce our technologies, and better our position in the marketplace.

Accelerate Invention Disclosure

Because time matters in a first-to-file world, our clients have transformed their invention disclosure processes by migrating from paper or email-based to an intelligent web-based platform. Through a simple Inventor Portal and an efficient invention disclosure process, ANAQUA manages the flow of disclosures to filing in one system.

Review workflow enables committees to assess inventions and determine filing plans or other treatment such as trade secrets. Committee review forms and a unique visual Evaluation Matrix capture the business, technical and legal value judgments of the committee and record them in the system. ANAQUA's unlimited Classifications capability allows the new IP to be categorized appropriately as it is added to the IP portfolio. As a result more inventions get captured faster, fewer people are needed for review, and communication with in-house or outside counsel is streamlined. More ideas – better strategic alignment – faster process – fewer errors.

End to End - Innovation Solutions

The most Innovation driven companies drive innovation with Anaqua.

ideaPoint has delivered the software to transform and solidify innovation and strategic growth programs across worldwide enterprises and is trusted by 50% of the top global life science companies and by leaders in apparel, CPG and other industries.

Anaqua provides the leading strategic growth and innovation management solution for global enterprise. Our Best practice driven unified system helps companies collaboratively manage all innovation and partnering opportunities with the appropriate levels of security.

ideaPoint, our SaaS solution, includes globally accessible web portals and a process management backend that seamlessly integrates with your mail clients and existing internal systems to magnify while simplifying your information intake and evaluation processes.  

Now your teams can scout, evaluate, invest in, track and manage dynamic growth opportunities – all within a unified, secure system.

Gene Potkay
Gene Potkay
SVP of Intellectual Property
The Nielsen Company

The system has provided us a means by which an inventor anywhere globally can submit.

Our invention intake has grown substantially. It continues to grow. It’s now six times in the US what it once was pre-Anaqua, and our grant rate on an annual basis in the US has gone up five times.

Quality’s important and the (Anaqua) system’s also allowing us a means by which we can review the assets throughout the process and decide what to continue investing in, and to decide what assets are no longer relevant to the company so that we can cull and reinvest that money.

Licensing Optimization

With ideaPoint, our customers have a guided approach to supporting their specific opportunity assessment and management processes. ideaPoint is a unified system that provides complete transparency and historic views into evaluations and engagements, allowing users to learn best practices to improve their overall approach to opportunity management.

ideaPoint software is also entirely configurable, and able to support our customers' existing processes and evolve with changing requirements.

Our customers tell us that the system is one that their teams actually want to use because it adds value to their work, without being a burden, particularly as it automates key workflows that significantly accelerate opportunity management and require a fraction of the time of ad hoc approaches for recording keeping and reporting.

With ideaPoint software, our customers evaluate more projects that generate more revenue and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Simplify Trademark Clearance

Some of the most valuable brands in the world – including Coca-Cola, Jack Daniel's, Patagonia, Panasonic and Fox Entertainment are managed by Anaqua. Leveraging our unified platform, our clients take a holistic approach to IP including more stakeholders earlier in the process. With ANAQUA, Marketing can enter search requests directly through a portal which, in turn flow to the business lead for input prior to delivery to the trademark team for actioning. The trademark team no longer has to chase information for final approval because it arrives to them approved by the right stakeholders through the ANAQUA workflow.