Research and Development

R&D is the engine that drives your business forward. As an inventor, you take great pride in the ideas that you generate, but submitting your ideas can be frustrating. There’s often no clear submission process and a lack of consistent expectations and requirements. Once you do submit an idea it feels like you’re tossing it into the abyss, prevented from defending its merits or participate in its evaluation.

Capturing Innovation

Time matters in a first-to-file world. The beginning of innovation is an idea, but capturing and developing that idea and sharpening it into a protectable asset is a challenging, time consuming process. By migrating from paper-driven or email-based processes to an intelligent web-based platform, you can transform your invention disclosure workflow.

Our intuitive Inventor Portal and it’s efficient invention disclosure process manages the flow of disclosures and filing in one unified system. Upload your ideas directly into the system using a streamlined, universal process, allowing you to easily prosecute and maintain them throughout their effective lifespan.

If you need a more advanced solution, ideaPoint can handle the volume of Open Innovation and support global R&D facilities. Configured to meet each client’s specific innovation process, ideaPoint is a comprehensive innovation opportunity management SaaS system. It provides a workspace for your company’s innovators to describe and submit ideas and opportunities, which the company can then, evaluate, track, manage, and invest in.

Gene Potkay
Gene Potkay
SVP of Intellectual Property
The Nielsen Company

Our invention intake has grown substantially. It continues to grow. It’s now six times in the US what it once was pre-Anaqua, and our grant rate on an annual basis in the US has gone up five times.

The system has provided us a means by which an inventor anywhere globally can submit.

Managing Invention Disclosure

The invention disclosure process is notoriously fragmented. Time spent navigating a complex, inefficient disclosure process takes inventors away from their primary focus. Even though they know this impedes the rate of innovation, companies often don’t have the resources to create clear and streamlined disclosure protocol. ANAQUA’s Inventor Portal helps guide inventors through the disclosure process, from Invention Disclosure Form generation through tracking the status of previous submissions and awards.

The Invention Management Module is highly configurable, with the ability to create online Invention Disclosure Forms to capture descriptive fields, attached documents, prior art, critical dates and other information. Utilizing ANAQUA’s disclosure tools, companies can establish quantifiable standards inventors can understand and comply with when submitting their ideas.

Tim Melchior
Tim Melchior
Senior Legal Operations Analyst
Ingersoll Rand

Now, we are able to have far more idea generation, more invention disclosures to choose from, to cherry pick those ideas that advance our strategies, reinforce our technologies, and better our position in the marketplace.

Christine McCabe
Christine McCabe
Intellectual Property Support Specialist
Purdue Pharma

We have submitters in the portal view, putting their inventions in. We have marketing and sales going in, as part of a committee review, legal obviously, R and D from the invention side, finance, marketing and business development. Everyone is using Anaqua in their own way, but they’re there, they see what’s happening, and so there is a collaboration that’s going on, so you’re getting decisions made with everyone in the loop.