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“Align Your IP Assets To The Business” - It is an overused phrase, and easier said than done. It requires visibility and insight that can help you make informed decisions about your portfolio, your operations and strategy. Your struggle to create the reports and dashboards you need, when you need them, could be a symptom of greater issues. Widely distributed processes, data silos, and lack of consistent classification and data governance make it extremely difficult to achieve the visibility you need, built on data you can trust. After all, what good are pretty pictures if you don’t trust your data?

The most successful IP Operations in the world are built on reliable data and processes. Our clients consolidate multiple systems and databases into our unified platform, allowing them to manage the data, documents, and processes central to overseeing the entire intellectual property lifecycle - from the earliest stages of innovation to expiration.

To run your business, you need a state-of-the-art analytics platform that arms every stakeholder with the information necessary to make smarter decisions.

Jennifer Brumbaugh
Jennifer Brumbaugh
Deputy Director of IP

Before we had Anaqua, our processes in place included more than four different systems. One for each division and then also within various regions within that division each had their own processes. Some used external counsels exclusively. Others had very advanced and sophisticated Excel spreadsheets. Others had simplified database Microsoft Access type of setups. To have a consistent strategy that we could roll out across the four divisions was virtually impossible.


ANAQUA HyperView is a visual tool that rapidly delivers IP Intelligence, answering questions in real-time. Empower your Executive Team to “slice and dice” the data used to run your IP Operations:

  • Understand product patent family relationships and dependencies
  • Evaluate Outside Counsel spend by patent, product, or family
  • Optimize Outside Counsel performance against IP prosecution best practice
  • Analyze idea-to-grant conversion rates geographically
  • Visualize your Innovation Funnel from idea to patent to product
Christine McCabe
Christine McCabe
Intellectual Property Support Specialist
Purdue Pharma

By integrating patent and portfolio management data in ANAQUA, the businesses are much better served with increased visibility of real-time portfolio information, efficiencies in portfolio reviews, and more accurate forecasting capability.


Effective collaboration is essential for success in IP management. With six to eight disparate systems in the average organization, it’s difficult to integrate workflow between systems and teams. ANAQUA’s unified platform streamlines your workflow and processes to make your entire organization more efficient, strategic, and successful.

Your team communicating within the system means you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline or overlooking a decision. ANAQUA integrates with your existing systems, providing fully-configurable or best practice workflows to fit your unique business needs.

Case Study
A Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Case Study
Learn how Honda Motor Co. successfully implemented its global vision by leveraging Unified IP Management, and why the resulting structure has allowed the company to make significant gains in its innovation processes.


Using data from multiple systems, if there is no common classification, there is no way to consolidate information necessary to make informed business decisions. Utilizing our flexible classification system, you can easily define multiple taxonomies. Categorizing your intellectual assets by any facet of business value allows you to analyze and report on your IP landscape like never before.

Anaqua's IP Management System provides enterprise wide workflow, monitoring, reporting and analytics like no other platform on the market. Numerous corporation that drive their business success with IP rely on Anaqua. You should too.