IP Portfolio Management

Optimized And Aligned To the Business

Optimized And Aligned To the Business

Measuring the strategic alignment and true ROI of Intellectual Property can be a challenge. To do this effectively, IP Executives need tools that provide a comprehensive view of how their IP, internal resources and outside counsel costs align to the business. ANAQUA’s Unified Platform classifies intellectual assets, codifies organizations, teams and roles and automates IP related processes through a rich data model that can be queried in unlimited ways to provide unmatched visibility into and control of your portfolio and operations.

Fred Owens
Fred Owens
Global Legal Director of IP - Patents

A lot of times portfolios become available and someone asks “should we consider adding this to our portfolio? Will this be valuable to us?” We can quickly and clearly understand what we have and where we are with and how strong it is. That turnaround speed is serving our business better than others who can't do that.

Align Your Portfolio

ANAQUA's Portfolio Management enables better IP decision making and more effective portfolio evaluations with visual tools that put intellectual property into business context. ANAQUA’s unique Evaluation Matrix gives you the power to classify, rank and visualize IP in unlimited business, technical and strategic dimensions. Real-time query, reporting and dashboards lets you segment and monitor the portfolio as needed while ANAQUA’s mobile apps place insight at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it. Unlike other offerings, ANAQUA’s Product Module allows you to take a more holistic, product-focused approach to IP portfolio management by managing all IP aspects of new product introductions.

  • Drive collaborative decision making and capture all relevant notes and actions
  • Classify, rank IP in unlimited business, technical and strategic dimensions
  • Visualize the portfolio strength and strategic value with the Evaluation Matrix
  • Access dynamic reports and dashboard via mobile devices

Track Budgeting and Cost

ANAQUA's flexible electronic invoicing provides a global, multi-currency legal e-billing system for outside counsel, agents and any other third party. Invoices for multiple matters can be uploaded securely and routed for approval. PTO and law firm charges can be automatically assigned to the relevant IP assets. A PDF version of the invoice can also be uploaded to the system.

For budgeting management, the system maintains costs for each task type for each supplier on a per country basis. Budgeted charges are pre-assigned to a matter and when invoices are received they can be matched with the charges for approval and payment. Invoice costs can also be tracked without prior budgeting.

ANAQUA's online invoicing system can operate standalone. It can also be integrated with other finance systems for invoice payment. In either mode, it dramatically reduces data entry and manual invoice processing for the IP department.

Data Sheet
AcclaimIP Analyst Data Sheet
Analyst empowers decision makers to act –reduce prosecution spend, identify acquisitions or licensing targets, identify new revenue opportunities, and benchmark against competitors.

Manage Licenses and Royalties

ANAQUA's legal licensing management software is available as both a standalone solution and an integrated component of the platform. It provides a full lifecycle license agreement and contract management system that can be configured to your needs.

ANAQUA manages all types of legal contracts, including internal cross-licensing, in-licensing and out-licensing. Through a paperless management system ANAQUA captures contract terms, third parties, IP assets and financial terms as well as all documents and correspondence. All the IP assets are cross-linked so you can immediately identify the IP involved in a license or the agreement. Through a simple, secure portal, ANAQUA enables business users to make agreement requests using customizable online forms, and allows you to collaborate with outside counsel and business users during contract drafting, negotiation and contract approval.

ANAQUA also helps you manage and track Royalties due from a Licensee or due a Licensor. Through defined financial terms, and license templates it allows you to create payment schedules and track collection amounts for each payment.