As an IP Paralegal, you are the champion of the modern corporate IP practice. Whether you’re orchestrating invention disclosure reviews, managing foreign filings, administering licenses, or supporting the needs of several attorneys, your goal is to maximize your efficiency. The right tools and workflow automation will help you manage all of your responsibilities.

Keeping Up With Volume

The number of patents and trademarks filed continues to climb annually, with volumes growing 5% to 10% each year, making IP Paralegals busier than ever. Keeping up with the sheer volume of work is difficult. ANAQUA automates the monotonous and repetitive tasks that take up a significant amount of your day.

The patent management and trademark management tools have numerous built-in prosecution templates, which simplify and streamline your preparation and prosecution processes. Bulk uploading and auto-processing, along with intuitive keyboard shortcuts and workflows, make repetitive tasks instantaneous.

You’ll never miss a due date across all your projects. ANAQUA automates escalation communications that would otherwise be manual. The time you save by automating repetitive tasks enables you to take on higher value work for your attorneys.

White Paper
Technology Is The Answer
This paper discusses some of the challenges faced by today’s paralegals and IP administrators, and addresses ways in which they can improve efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction.

Answers in Real Time: Instant Reporting

Generating reports is a key function of your day-to-day responsibilities as an IP paralegal, and one that can consume a substantial amount of your time. Querying disparate silos and aggregating the data into a spreadsheet or third-party reporting tool can be an arduous process.

ANAQUA HyperView is an easy-to-use analytics platform and reporting tool, allowing for real-time interaction and exploration of the all your enterprise data. ANAQUA HyperView is not just for analysts. Building customized dashboards and reports is as simple as selecting the data you want and how you want to display it.

Christine McCabe
Christine McCabe
Intellectual Property Support Specialist
Purdue Pharma

By integrating patent and portfolio management data in ANAQUA, the businesses are much better served with increased visibility of real-time portfolio information, efficiencies in portfolio reviews, and more accurate forecasting capability.

Automated Communication Workflow

Fragmented communication is one of the biggest problems for business teams, and IP teams are no exception. ANAQUA’s prioritizes all pending tasks and deadlines to ensure all projects are completed in a timely fashion. Whether you’re collaborating with internal business units or working with inventors and outside counsel, ANAQUA allows you to:

  • Integrate data and communications with Microsoft Outlook and other IMAP email systems
  • Streamline invention disclosure submission, review, approval, and inventor award processes
  • Engage Outside Counsel to effortlessly manage new or existing projects
  • Seamlessly process invoices for completed work and track payment status