Preparation and Prosecution

Paperless, Streamlined and Efficient

Paperless, Streamlined and Efficient

Lack of intelligent automation consumes hundreds, even thousands of valuable hours - time that could be applied toward more strategic, high value tasks. Manual processes also expose you to greater risk of missed deadlines and additional fees. With ANAQUA, IP staff, attorneys, inventors and outside counsel share a secure central repository of information and an efficient, automated paperless environment for patent drafting, filing and prosecution that dramatically improves prosecution efficiency.

Simplify Docketing

ANAQUA brings the information you need onto a single screen laid out to match the way you work, through their unique One-Page Docketing. ANAQUA's rules engine applies both global country rules that drive automated IP processes down to the level of individual office actions, and can support company specific workflows. Automated alerts, reminders and escalations ensure that deadlines are met and tasks completed.

ANAQUA automates the process of importing and docketing office actions from PTOs in bulk. Data import tools automate record creation, with bulk data validation for US and international patents. When integrated with ANAQUA Services, past and future annuity information is available at the patent, family and portfolio level for cost analysis and projections.

Data Sheet
AcclaimIP Searcher Data Sheet
AcclaimIP SEARCHER is designed to optimize patent search tasks for patentability research, prior art searches, and product clearance studies.

Drafting and Prosecution

Creating a high quality patent can be exceptionally time-consuming and laborious. Patent professionals not only face the intellectual challenge of articulating the substantive aspects of an invention, they must also satisfy countless tedious, error-prone formatting requirements.

Specifically designed to alleviate these issues, ANAQUA STUDIO™ automates and streamlines the exacting tasks of patent drafting and prosecution. ANAQUA STUDIO™ features tools for every task from claims drafting and amending to specification drafting, drawing, and office action responses. Patent professionals can now focus their time and energy on the intellectual components of an application, drastically reducing the time it takes to produce high quality patents.

ANAQUA STUDIO™ provides IP professionals with a secure environment for drafting and prosecuting patent applications that seamlessly integrates with Anaqua's unified IP management platform.

Manage Emails and Documents

With ANAQUA, email and attachment review, paralegal/attorney distribution, action code assignment, shared folders, batch scripts and other manual tasks are replaced with a simplified intelligent system that saves time and reduces errors.

ANAQUA automatically dockets emails based on content and triggers prosecution template-driven workflows that alert the right people at the right time. Integrated document management stores emails and links them to the related records, minimizing the risk of data leakage from shared folders or network drives.

Collaborate With Outside Counsel

Clients such as Hewlett Packard, Ingersoll Rand and Kimberly Clark leverage the ANAQUA collaboration portal to enable outside counsel to work directly and securely within the system. This direct collaboration reduces email correspondence, eliminates the need for double-docketing and improves operations visibility. Outside counsel becomes a part of the virtual team seamlessly working within your IP process. ANAQUA's flexible electronic invoicing provides a global, multi-currency legal e-billing system for outside counsel, agents and any other third party. Invoices for multiple matters can be uploaded securely and routed for approval. PTO and law firm charges are automatically placed against the relevant IP assets. By integrating secure collaboration with cost-tracking, billing and invoice management, ANAQUA can help you reduce costs, improve controls and deliver better payment services to your network of agents and law firms.

Mary Frank
Mary Frank
Senior Trademark Paralegal

I think it is great when you have outside counsel collaborating because you have real-time access to the information that is shared between the two of you. Overall our outside counsel are really happy collaborating in Anaqua with us. I feel like it is a really good partnership.