IP Strategy and Planning

Insight for Licensing, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Innovation

Insight for Licensing, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Innovation

As an IP executive, you continuously look for better ways to collect and visualize the data you need for informed decision making. Budgeting and strategy meeting preparation often requires hours of administrative time to run extracts from various systems to compile reports. This exercise carries hidden costs, but the real pain comes from lack of visibility that robs you of the metrics and insight you need to manage your portfolio and IP operations. ANAQUA classifies IP assets and captures all IP process metadata in a powerful database which is the foundation for the industry’s best dashboards and reporting tools.

Monitor Geographic Coverage

ANAQUA compares its rich data with USPTO and other real-time data sources in advanced dashboards that enable you to see and track your portfolio against other aspects such as geography and competitive activity. All ANAQUA reports and dashboards are dynamic, easy to use and highly customizable to meet your specific needs.

Discover Divestiture And Licensing Opportunities

All IP assets are classified within the ANAQUA platform. This enables our clients to take advantage powerful and flexible patent and trademark heat maps that help them assess their IP against criteria such as strategic importance, strength and complexity, leading to substantial cost savings through divesting (pruning) or outside counsel efficiency and additional licensing revenue.

Data Sheet
AcclaimIP Analyst Data Sheet
Analyst empowers decision makers to act –reduce prosecution spend, identify acquisitions or licensing targets, identify new revenue opportunities, and benchmark against competitors.

Analyze The IP Pipeline

ANAQUA offers customizable reports that help you understand your innovation pipeline from end to end. ANAQUA offers the ability to visualize how ideas, inventions and trademark filings flow from the business and through our powerful metrics you can analyze conversion rates between each phase of the process to identify bottlenecks or misaligned resources.