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IP in Business Context With Classification


I also wanted to say what another good feature is, the classifications. Big, big … It’s a great advantage to have that because before, not knowing what the technology was that you had in your portfolio is a big deal. You can’t guess that. You have to actually target that. Being able to classify technology and commercial product and all different other filters that they allow for has helped us to to reporting and letting our executives know what we have. Again, it’s just the insight into our portfolio that they need to know this in order to make business decisions.

The classification data in Anaqua is very important for our portfolio managers. Assuming that we put in a little bit of upfront work to classify our assets, they can chart out how many assets with have in this group and how many we have in this group. If we’re able to get claim information right next to the classification information we can keep drilling down and getting more detailed into breaking out the portfolio. One of the most valuable things about Anaqua is just the sheer amount of data that we can store on all of our cases. We have the confidence in knowing that all of the data is in the system and in the future we can keep building on it and getting more and more out of it. That helps us feel confident in investing in the system.