Anaqua to Host 13th Annual User Conference with Keynotes from Arm, EPO, IPWatchdog, Novo Nordisk, and Panasonic

IP and business leaders come together to collaborate and engage in networking, training and industry discussions on how to transform IP into business success™

Boston, mars 7, 2019

Many of the world’s top IP practitioners will come together for four days in March for a major industry event hosted by Anaqua, the leading provider of innovation and intellectual property management solutions. Under the theme of ‘Transform IP into Business Success,’ Anaqua’s 13th annual User Conference will be held at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, Florida from March 25th-28th. The four-day event brings together IP professionals across the globe to collaborate and share key insights on how to further innovate and enhance solutions that will best serve the intellectual property management industry. Anaqua’s client community will join industry discussions, participate in training sessions, engage in networking events, and hear from business leaders and industry influencers as they share key trends, insights, and best practices.

“We have the most innovative customers in the world who are shaping the IP industry,” said Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua. “Anaqua’s annual User Conference gives these leaders the opportunity to come together to share insights and best practices that will move the needle and enhance the ANAQUA platform. Together, we are innovating and enhancing the industry’s IP management solutions and services that make this year’s theme possible for the market, ‘Transform IP into Business Success.’”

The conference will host more than 20 distinguished panelists and speakers including business leaders, IP executives, inventors, and lawyers. Amongst the keynote speakers are:

  • Suzanne Oliver, Senior Director of Legal and IP Operations at Arm
  • Thomas Bereuter, Programme Area Manager of Innovation Support at the European Patent Academy, European Patent Office (EPO)
  • Gene Quinn, President and CEO at IPWatchdog
  • Tove Fabritius de Tengnagel, IP Systems Manager at Novo Nordisk
  • Kazuyasu Adachi, President of IP Management at Panasonic

In addition, a number of sessions will be hosted by some of the industry’s most innovative IP practitioners, including:

  • Christof Wolpert, Vice President Global Legal Innovation at Adidas
  • Benjamin Brown, Assistant General Counsel, Intellectual Property at Analog Devices
  • Anthony Correa, Sr. Patent Paralegal, Intellectual Property Law Department at Applied Materials
  • Daryl Bradley, Head of Patent Prosecution at Arm
  • Luba DeGroat, IP Operations Manager at BD
  • Amanda Bernier, Senior Analyst, Paralegal at Dell
  • Kristen Caizzi, Advisor, Paralegal at Dell
  • T.J. DoVale, Managing Partner, Intellectual Property at FisherBroyles, LLP
  • Yuji Mitsui, Assistant Manager at Honda Motor Co., Ltd
  • Tim Melchior, Sr. Legal Operations Analyst for the Legal Department at Ingersoll Rand
  • Krystyna Colantoni, Partner and Patent Attorney at Mei & Mark, LLP
  • Joseph Bichanich, Director of Practice Support at Michael Best
  • Sharon Hawes, Senior Data Analyst at Michael Best
  • Patti Ross, IP Technology Specialist at Michael Best
  • Sarah Wallschlaeger, IP Technology Specialist at Michael Best
  • Nicole Davis, IP Docketing Manager at Munck Wilson Mandala, LLP
  • Yoshito Miyazaki, Group Leader of Administration and Trademark Group at Tokyo Electron Limited

Anaqua’s ever-growing user community has been coming together for this conference since 2005, creating one of the industry’s largest gatherings of IP experts. As Anaqua strengthens its client community, AUC continues to see increased engagement from customers who contribute to enhancing ANAQUA’s software. This year’s conference will kick off with a product update of Anaqua’s recently launched leading-edge IP management software platform, AQX, along with two days of training for both corporate and law firm customers. The second half of the conference will include two days of speakers, panels, product previews and sessions focused on patents, trademarks, innovation, analytics and more.

Anaqua’s 2019 User Conference follows a very successful year across the company’s growth channels. Along with the launch of AQX, the company recently announced a major equity investment from Astorg, a leading European private equity firm, that will accelerate Anaqua’s global organic and growth strategy.

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