AcclaimIP: Patent Search

AcclaimIP’s intuitive user-interface supports the art of searching. Patent searchers can explore results and uncover relevant information more rapidly with AcclaimIP’s high-performance system containing over 100 million worldwide patents.

Technology Landscape

With AcclaimIP’s Technology Landscapes, portfolio managers can identify patent trends in a technology, including key players, number of patents, component technologies covered, and risk to your organization. AcclaimIP’s comprehensive technology landscape leads to better strategic decision-making for portfolio managers. With this service, you will be able to:

  • Track trends and emerging technologies
  • Search the technology hierarchy through one of the best job-search capabilities
  • Map your competitor’s patent mix including scale and diversity of their portfolios
  • Find new competitors moving into your technology space
  • Identify potential licensees for your patent
Technology Landscape

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

AcclaimIP helps product managers identify which competitors’ patents pose a potential risk for a new product or set of features on existing products. Performing FTO in AcclaimIP allows you to supports your R&D process decisions, and you can better determine enforceability and estimate expiration dates of competitive patents. With this capability, you can identify which patents have expired, giving you freedom to use that technology. AcclaimIP gives insight Into which patents are currently enforceable and which to license or design around. With AcclaimIP’s FTO, you can:

  • Find estimated expiration of your IP
  • Reduce the risk of patent-infringement liability
  • Design R&D strategies to avoid duplication of effort
  • Modify inventions as necessary to navigate existing roadblocks
Freedom to Operate

Patent Alerts

With over 100,000 patents and applications published each week, searching for patents can be a difficult and time-consuming task. AcclaimIP not only helps you build the right searches to know what is out there, but also lets you know when things change, without having to re-run your previous searches. Being aware of when changes occur can be essential to your IP management. With AcclaimIP’s Patent Alerts, users can:

  • Be aware which patents are useful right now
  • Set recurring alerts so you know when changes occur
  • Get notified with new and useful changes to allow for a more agile strategy