ANAQUA Corporate: Business Management

Today, Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the best growth and profitability tools a company can leverage. Doing so, however, requires clear visibility into the strength and relative market position of your IP assets at both a micro and macro level. ANAQUA Business Management tools provide the data, insight, and best practices needed to elevate your IP strategy and drive growth.

Portfolio Management

The IP Business Suite enables you to provide holistic, accurate, real-time portfolio data and analysis to ensure IP aligns with corporate objectives. Our portfolio management framework is purpose-built for maximizing IP value to the business. Our clients maintain a clear understanding of their IP assets from a variety of internal and external perspectives and employ running portfolio reviews. ANAQUA’s Portfolio Management:

  • Enables a framework for analysis and review of internal and external assets in context
  • Connects IP to revenue dollars coming in to the business from product sales and licensing
  • Tracks various types of agreements including NDAs and licensing agreements
  • Monitors anti-counterfeiting activities and enforcement actions
  • Reviews data and documents, from internal and external sources, to support informed renewal decisions and avoid reckless abandonment of patents with hidden value
  • Leverages key data gathered from the previous ratings, classifications, citations, and documents at the asset level, including the outcome of each evaluation and review
  • Analyzes external data using unique patent scoring algorithms and unparalleled forward examiner rejections

Licensing & Royalties

ANAQUA enables you to review internal and external assets holistically in order to identify, track, and manage various types of license-in and license-out agreements. Integrated document management, workflow, tasks, and the ability to link multiple IP records to an agreement, provide ANAQUA with a rich environment to help further revenue generating activity for your IP team. ANAQUA’s Licensing & Royalties enable corporations to:

  • Capture and manage all parties and contacts to an agreement
  • Manage royalties and other payments pursuant to executed agreements
  • Portal supports online agreement requests to ease administrative load
  • Efficiently create and track agreements with configurable workflow
  • Term tracking with expiration notification and awareness of other key dates

IP Infringement Analysis

ANAQUA supports corporations who must manage IP infringement, anti-counterfeiting activities, and enforcement actions. We provide proprietary IP data and a flexible system that efficiently manages IP review projects such as offensive and defensive reviews and technology/competitive analysis. With IP Infringement Analysis, corporations can:

  • Classify IP assets using flexible classification functionality
  • Receive automatic notifications, alerts, and open task escalation
  • Monitor and track trends for specific action types
  • Configure workflow and add custom fields

Financial Management

Corporations can manage forecasted, budgeted, and actual flow of money associated with your IP portfolio. With Anaqua’s finance tools, you can track outside counsel spend, annuity and renewal payments, and monetization of royalties and licensing agreements. Our finance tools allow corporations to:

  • Assign specific costs for each task type for each supplier on a per country basis
  • Utilize an online, electronic payment system to manage the payment and collection of invoices in multiple currencies
  • Electronically receive and deliver invoices to intended recipients
  • Track and administer costs and match invoices and line items to cost estimates
  • Leverage world class business intelligence and reporting tools for deeper analysis