ANAQUA Corporate: Innovation

ANAQUA improves the volume and quality of innovation coming from R&D. It does this by streamlining the process of disclosing a new idea or invention and delivering succinct reporting on your innovation pipeline.

Ideas & Opportunities

ANAQUA accelerates the generation and protection of new IP. IP should be viewed as a business and managing innovation from the top of the funnel is where it begins. We enable corporate review and oversight capabilities. We also provide individual business unit drill-down management features for full opportunity lifecycle management. With ANAQUA, you can:

  • Enable a secure virtual environment for sourcing and vetting ideas and inventions
  • Reduce administrative overhead, simplify submission processes, and increase efficiency
  • Provide a simple and intuitive user experience for inventors and submitters through virtual team assembly, automated routing, robust tracking, and on-demand reporting

Innovation Portal

Anaqua’s Innovation Portal gives inventors and submitters self-service visibility into the status of their individual submissions, requests, and awards, which improves innovator satisfaction and reduces the burden on administrators of responding to inquiries.

  • Supports many roles and functions: Inventors, Designers, TM Search & Clearance, Agreements
  • Keeps submitters informed of status and awards
  • User experience optimized for infrequent users
  • Provides a document library

Innovation Review

ANAQUA leverages flexible workflows and configurable tools for routing, ranking, reviewing, and approving innovation submissions. Reviewers and administrators benefit from tools and workflow for streamlining committee meetings. The solution memorializes all decisions and supporting material in a single, searchable repository for ratings, notes, and documents. With ANAQUA’s Innovation Review, corporations can:

  • Record and memorialize invention reviews and decisions
  • Enable data-driven decisions to efficiently maintain your portfolio and extract maximum value
  • Employ ANAQUA’s proprietary Evaluation Matrix review tool that provides several dimensions of ranking an invention
  • Provide access to collaborative Committee Meetings who provide a place for reviewers to gather and evaluate new submissions
  • Report on key technology areas to ensure the innovation funnel aligns with corporate strategy

Awards Management

Awards Management allows the tracking of payment schemes, milestones, and awards that are related to innovation and patent activity. Remuneration tracks the royalties that are due to inventors, which are based upon revenues attributable to each patent. These capabilities allow a company to reward staff for invention submission, publications, patent filings/ grants, and other remuneration schemes. With Awards Managent, corporations will have the ability to:

  • Submit inventions via a portal with configurable inventor review questions
  • Provide a self-service access to award and remuneration status
  • Derive data about the invention and calculate awards based on set triggers
  • Track due dates for acknowledgement, completion, and signatures
  • Report on outstanding requirements from inventors
Inventor Awards Management