ANAQUA Services: Transactional Support Services

Whether you have one-off projects or intermittent spikes of work, we can tailor our transactional services delivery to your distinct needs while still employing Anaqua best practices, unique processes, and delivery methods.

Data Validation

Accurate data is a vital piece of your IP operation. Anaqua brings efficiency and best practice approaches to IP teams looking to audit the data in their system. Doing this saves your organization time and money and better protect your IP rights. Our approach includes a combination of human effort and automation to review and analyze your data to identify and correct errors. With Anaqua Data Validation, you can:

  • Calculate US patent expiration dates through a proprietary algorithm using wrapper data (Terminal Disclaimers and accurate Continuity Data)
  • Review and analyze patent data across all jurisdictions
  • Receive updated, clean data directly in your ANAQUA or Lecorpio system
  • Perform family tagging to see impact across portfolio
  • Save time and reduce risk through a single supplier

Title Updates

Managing the number of updates of even a single patent or trademark can be time consuming. You can easily miss an update or fail to manage it through to completion. Anaqua’s Title Update service ensures a client’s patent and trademark title updates are timely and complete. It allows you to:

  • Engage a high-value, global agent network
  • Update your portfolio in a structured manner to reduce administrative burden
  • Complete end-to-end process to ensure all title updates are successfully recorded
  • Benefit from a single point of contact to coordinate all agents and ensure consistent updating based on jurisdictional requirements
Title Updates Services

Proofreading & Certificate of Corrections

Anaqua’s US Patent Proofreading services verifies that your information is published accurately and reflects the prosecution lifecycle, including amendments and updates during prosecution. Our detailed reviews safeguard your assets and ensure you have the right to enforce and monetize your portfolio. Its benefits include:

  • Faster, more complete access to file wrapper information
  • A combination of automated and human methods to proof patents leading to a higher quality portfolio
  • Results integrated into your intellectual property management system
Proofreading and Certificate of Corrections

Intelligent Scanning

Anaqua’s Intelligent Scanning automates the import of paper and electronic documents into your IPMS. We analyze each document to determine which patent, trademark, or other case the document applies to and then tag it accordingly. We can then automatically upload the documents and store them within the relevant case as full text-searchable documents. Unlike generic scanning services, we import documents directly into your IPMS. This Intelligent Scanning tool enables you to:

  • Support a broad range of US and European PTO forms
  • Engage for initial data migration and ongoing scanning of PTO and other IP correspondence
Intelligent Scanning Services

IDS Creation

Our IDS Creation services provide IP Operations Teams, Portfolio Managers, and IP Attorneys with the ability to effectively prosecute patent applications with global PTOs. With this service, you will easily:

  • Utilize ANAQUA’s process automation and Citation Matrix to produce an IDS
  • Integrate deliverables within your intellectual property management system
IDS Creation Services