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Our company is a very large, historic engineering company. We’re 256 years old. The key feature that encouraged us to select the Anaqua system is its global accessibility. From our users in Japan to our users in Germany, we’re a UK headquartered organization, and then we have a strong presence in the US as well. Our global footprint required us to have global access to the system, 24/7, or we knew it would not work.

When we originally evaluated the Anaqua platform, our intent was for us to host the data ourselves. In the process of that, it became evident that while we have four divisions, we also have four different IT systems and different structures within each of those. There was no clear cut cross divisional area that we would put the Anaqua platform. We asked them again, “What are you seeing your other clients of our size with our size portfolio? Are they having you host or are they hosting themselves?” There was definitely a trend towards having Anaqua host our data. Definitely, the decision to be hosted saved us money, time, resources.

Effective January 1, 2010, the company went to a different IT support structure that was outsourced. Almost entirely outsourced. All that historical knowledge was gone, and two companies replaced the internal structure. My job became one of just keeping the system running, working with our internal folks who were new and thrown together, didn’t know who was doing what or why they were doing it. Going to Anaqua hosting from Day 1 changed our life, and I was able to, at that point forward, start looking ahead, start planning out strategy for a system admin and our systems, and we have just now started doing the things that we have wanted to do for so long. Being able to review our processes, our procedures, our administrative strategies and processes.

It’s wonderful. You don’t have to plan for a full year with all the requirements of an internal structure. I tell our support person we’re ready to upgrade, and he goes, “When would you like that development?” “When can you make it happen?” “How about tomorrow?” “Okay, that sounds great.”

“How’s it going, guys?” “Good.” It’s like night and day. There is not difference. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done. We worked with Anaqua when we went to move. We have some very strange IT security policies. We, being we, the legal division, and our systems, are audited every two years for compliance. When we moved to Anaqua hosting, we had an internal IT project team that ensured and confirmed, that was their job, to make sure that Anaqua’s situation met Coca-Cola’s, all of their IT security requirements. Truthfully, they demanded more of Anaqua security than we had internally. It had to be encrypted, it had to meet all a different set of requirements I know we didn’t have internally. Actually, we feel more secure here than we did where we were.

With respect to Anaqua, we chose to have it hosted. The purpose of both of those decisions were to have as lightweight a system as we could get that required less tinkering on our part. The best decision we ever made was to have Anaqua host, Anaqua Express for us. It provides consistent, reliable access. We’ve never had it crash, it’s never been not available unexpectedly, and that has afforded us little overhead in terms of having to manage the upkeep of the system, which, again, allows us, one, to direct our limited time and resources to where it’s most valuable: identifying inventions, reviewing them, and so forth. Engaging our constituents.

We wanted the most reliable, secure system that provided us the least amount of overhead in terms of having to maintain it. That, Anaqua Express hosted gave us.