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What’s it Like to Work With Anaqua


Primarily Kelly Crawford is my go to person. She is the bomb. She has the law firm background. I can go to her with suggestions, with, hey we’re seeing this, I don’t know if anybody else is. If nobody else is, don’t worry about it, I’ll figure out a fix. Since I met her and was able to start working with her, our use of the product and our progression in the product has increased. She is always willing to go that next mile into the future to get us a better product and a better output for the firm and the clients.

When we started to implement Anaqua and bring both sides, the US side and the German side together into one systems, we also took the opportunity to take the two parts together and take one service to pay the annuities. After some internal discussions we decided to take Anaqua’s services for this purpose. This was very good decision as far as I know. We have not had any mistakes until now in three years. Also, the transition phase was very good and we have a beautiful support and very good support by Laurie Walters.

Laurie’s wonderful. She’s very responsive. She’s very detail oriented. She provides quick service and accurate service. I think moving to the annuity service really allowed us, as a company, to get better pricing for our annuities. We were using one service in the US team and a different service with the German team. Now having a higher volume of annuities that are being paid, we can have better pricing for what we pay for that service and the quality of the service is excellent.

My client director’s Aileen Buchanan, and she’s been really wonderful. I have to say. Working with her has been great. We actually have monthly calls with her. She’s really hands on and so if we have questions she’s right there to say, well, this feature will help. She talks us through it and we decide and we sit there and we decide whether it’s worth us to move forward and pursue that particular feature. Her being hands on has been a big help.