About Hyperion Global Partners

Hyperion Global Partners is a premier global consultancy to legal and professional services organizations. They advise Am Law 200 law firms and Global 1000 corporations on how to best manage the challenges of day-to-day business - operational, process, organization, and technology management issues.

Hyperion Research is the industry's leading source for Legal Solutions Market Intelligence. The profession's leaders, innovators and trend-makers have come to rely on Hyperion Research as the premier provider of independent market research, analysis and advisory services. They provide unparalleled insight to the leading trends in legal strategy, operations, and technology. Hyperion's analyst-based research and bench-marking informs 8 out of every 10 practice management system selections each year.

They work with law firms, law departments and other legal service organizations to make intelligent, fact-based decisions about how to improve their operational performance. We also work with solution providers, including software vendors, professional service groups and consultants, to better understand the latest market trends and the needs of their customers.

“Essential’s broad set of tools and persona-based workspaces are curated to support effective IP Management as much efficient IP prosecution. Law firm IP practices have long craved for breakthrough innovation in IP Management, and Anaqua delivers earnestly with truly differentiating value that many firms credit for helping them leap to the front of the IPM pack.”

About this Independent Report

This report contains the ANAQUA Enterprise review from the Complete Hyperion MarketView™ Report. Anaqua, Inc. has been named a market leader and best-in-class in Hyperion Global Partners’ 2017 MarketView™ Report for Intellectual Property Management Systems, including special recognition for innovation lifecycle management, decision support analytics and uniquely integrated patent drafting.

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MarketView™ Reports are a resource for understanding the trends, leading practices and solution options available to industry professionals. They impart a solid foundation of knowledge about the market so that organizations are able to achieve success in their selection and implementation process.

You can purchase the complete Intellectual Property Management Systems for Corporations report directly from Hyperion.