ANAQUA Law Firm: Intake

Intake capabilities drive efficiencies and risk reduction by onboarding client data safely. This bolsters client confidence, sets a foundation for efficient, low risk prosecution, and differentiates your firm from others who have less modern and secure infrastructures.

Onboarding & Data Integrity

ANAQUA’s onboarding tools reduce risk by getting data into the system cleanly, making sure key dates and numbers are accurate and stay in alignment with external data over time, reducing risk. Its key features include:

  • Patent and trademark onboarding and data verification from PTO data accelerate onboarding and reduce risk
  • Upload tools for each record type get new portfolios in quickly and safely
  • Data Validation that keeps client data safe initially and over time
  • Intelligent Scanning Services that transform a banker’s boxes of paper into actionable IP records
  • Data Integrity that maintains confidence in the information throughout the system with Picklists, Autocomplete, Classifications, Number Format Rules, etc.
Onboarding and Data Integrity

Client & Contact Management

Robust management of your Contacts, Clients, Foreign Associate, Vendors, external Service Providers, and other organizations supports collaboration and streamlines automation, workflow, correspondence, and case management. Client & Contact Management provides IP law firms with these key benefits:

  • Client Instructions programmed into the system using workflows and correspondence, avoids the need for people to remember and simplifying training
  • Contact and organization records store documents, financials, etc., ensures a single source of record
  • Contacts and organizations are linked to matters throughout prosecution, enables automatic assignment and streamlined workflow
  • Support for identifying Conflicts of Interest and Subject Matter Conflicts, Export Control, and makes sure the highest standards of safety are applied
Client and Contact Management

Incoming Mail & Email

Incoming mail can be a source of stress. Our high volume email and document processing tools intelligently manage correspondence from a central inbox, supporting paperless operation, improving productivity, and reducing manual and duplicative processes. Its key features include:

  • Outlook add-in that allows attorneys to engage with the system from a familiar environment
  • Bulk incoming email processing that supports automatic indexing and processing of high volumes of incoming correspondence
  • One-click selection of recipients from the record's contact list that leverages internal contact management and avoids inadvertent recipients
  • Incoming documents such as filing receipts that can be docketed, attached to client-specific reporting emails, and sent, all without human involvement
  • Case data that can be automatically extracted from attachments and put into the proper fields
  • All correspondence that can be made available for full text search
Incoming Mail and Email

Other Practices

Mature and robust creation, prosecution, management, and licensing of Designs, Trademarks, and other innovation types expands legal service offerings and enables reporting to clients across the entire IP portfolio. Here are the key features:

  • General Matters can accommodate any non-IP matter, contributing to the simplicity of a single source of data
  • Oppositions & Conflicts offer dedicated workflow and intelligently link parties and subjects
  • Copyrights & Customs Declarations with dedicated workflow
  • Dedicated workflow and management of Trade Secrets & Domain Names
Other Practices