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Downward pressure from low-end providers and cost-sensitive clients create a new mandate for modern technology that helps you provide cost-effective value to your clients.

ANAQUA is a Unified Intellectual Property Management Platform that can help your firm drive down IT and prosecution costs, deliver differentiated value, and discover new opportunities for growth.


ANAQUA is a modular SaaS-based platform that supports the entire IP process. With data migration tools to ease the burden of onboarding, intelligent process automation, document and email management that reduces risk while increasing productivity, combined with incredible visualization and analytics tools that give you the opportunity to differentiate your services and grow your practice.

How Big Data is Transforming Tomorrow's Law Firm
Ready or not, big data is here and it's impacting the legal profession

United. Visual. Smart.

less risk - less cost

ANAQUA’s integrated law engine and process automation manages deadlines, meetings, and tasks, along with the associated documents and emails. This eliminates a multitude of unnecessary manual steps that generate cost and risk during prosecution. With ANAQUA, you can do more with less.

better patents - faster

ANAQUA STUDIO is the first integrated patent application-drafting tool designed to save time and improve the legal and technical quality of patent applications and office actions responses. ANAQUA STUDIO cuts time to process high-quality patent applications by 50% or more.

breakthrough visibility

ANAQUA HyperView™ is an easy to use tool that helps you create interactive dashboards and reports that leverage ANAQUA’s Unified Platform. With ANAQUA HyperView, you can offer your clients quick access to beautiful reports and web-based or mobile dashboards.