Unified IP Management for Law Firms

ANAQUA Essential is a highly configurable and complete IP Practice Management solution that can help your entire practice run more effectively, efficiently and profitably. ANAQUA's modular architecture allows meet your immediate needs and expand as you see fit. ANAQUA Essential is available as a Cloud-based or on-premise solution.

ANAQUA for Law Firms Brochure
ANAQUA is the first IP solution with integrated market analytics. Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark, Honda, Safran, Hewlett-Packard, BASF, and others rely on ANAQUA to take their IP management to the next level.

Law Firm Foundation

All Essential modules take advantage of a common set of shared services that allow you to retire legacy document management systems, portals and collaboration applications to reduce costs and risk.

Patent Management

ANAQUA's Patent Management dramatically improves efficiency and reduces costs with automated workflows and web-based collaboration between administrative staff, attorneys, and clients. It provides a shared, secure central repository of information and a paperless environment for patent drafting, filing and prosecution.

Trademark Management

ANAQUA trademark software is widely recognized as the industry's leading trademark management system. ANAQUA's unique collaborative approach delivers dramatic efficiency gains for law firms managing global trademark portfolios.

IP Licensing

Anaqua’s IP licensing management software is available as either a standalone product or an integrated module of the ANAQUA IP Management solution. Through the Agreements Module, law firms create and manage all agreement types such as license-in, license-out, assignments, non-disclosures, material transfers, joint ventures, and partnerships. The Agreements Module provides a paperless management system including the ability to capture all information related to an agreement’s terms and conditions, critical dates, financial information, and contacts.

Design Management

Anaqua has a unique Design Module that supports the management of Designs as a distinct asset type. Designs can also be managed in the patent module as a type of patent. Country rules are provided for all countries in both modules, and include global design laws including Hague System. The Design module includes an image gallery that holds any number of design images, which can be loaded by dragging and dropping one or more images into the browser.

The Design module includes the standard ANAQUA document and email management, workflow, One-Page Docketing™, collaboration, classifications and related record links.

IP Reviews

ANAQUA's IP Review Module allows law firms to define and manage reviews of their client’s portfolios using ANAQUA's configurable workflows and collaboration tools. Each IP review leverages the document and email repository, Classifications, Questionnaires, Reports, and other standard features. Group assets and link to one or more reviews, capture decisions and new classifications applied to multiple assets in a single operation.

IP Review supports multiple types of review projects. Offensive Review enables law firms to perform infringement analyses to evaluate potential cross licensing or IP assertion opportunities for their clients. Other reviews support Freedom To Operate (FTO) studies, competitive analysis, and whitespace landscaping. IP Review also provides extensive support for IP asset management in the context of industry standards development organizations, including SDO management and the Declaration process (including Letters of Assurance).

Litigation Management

The Conflicts Module enables clients to create and manage litigation, oppositions, cancellations, revocations, infringements, enforcement actions, and other disputes. Each conflict links to related IP records, so it is easy to see the conflicts associated with any asset. Conflict status and activity is tracked, reported, and saved with opinions captured and documents uploaded.

Agreement Management

ANAQUA Essential provides an optional full lifecycle license agreement and contract management system that can be configured to the needs of the firm and its clients.

It can manage all forms of legal contracts, with a particular focus on IP licensing including a client's internal cross-licensing as well as in- and out-licensing. It provides a paperless management system that captures contract terms, third parties, IP assets and financial terms as well as all documents and correspondence. All the IP assets are cross-linked so you can immediately identify the assets involved in a license or the agreements which include an asset.

ANAQUA Essential's configurable workflow can support agreement processes such as approvals, scheduled reviews and compliance with terms such as renewals and reports including task assignments, notifications, alerts and escalations.

IP Reporting & Analytics

The ANAQUA system has powerful online query and reporting tools to provide IP operations and business intelligence to law firm leadership, attorneys, and staff, which enables greater visibility into the firm’s operations and IP portfolio.

Portfolio Management

ANAQUA’s Portfolio Management tools work across all modules to provide an integrated environment for strategic planning, management, and analysis of intellectual asset portfolios. Portfolio Management includes a number of core tools: the Classifications toolset, the visual Evaluation Matrix, and the IP Review Module. ANAQUA’s powerful query and reporting tools provide business intelligence capabilities to support IP decision making in the context of a firm’s approach to their client’s strategy and priorities, providing a powerful graphical interface to display and edit classifications, assign, and move assets.

Cost Tracking & Invoicing

ANAQUA provides cost tracking and invoice management to reduce costs and improve controls. It also provides better invoice delivery and payment receipt services to your network of agents and clients who collaborate with you on the ANAQUA system. ANAQUA's online invoicing system can operate standalone or integrate with other financial systems for invoice payment. In either mode, it dramatically reduces data entry and manual invoice processing for your IP department.

The Invoicing and Cost Tracking Module provides an online, electronic payment system to manage the payment and collection of invoices in multiple currencies. Further, the Cost Tracking function allows firm leadership to assign specific costs for each task type for each supplier on a per country basis. Securely upload invoices for multiple matters and route them for approval.

  • PTO and other charges automatically apply to relevant IP assets
  • Full electronic, paperless, multi-currency e-billing system
  • Capture all required payment information
  • Supplier access to setup invoice requests and upload invoices
  • Cost items created from supplier-specific price lists
  • Charges automatically applied when actions taken
  • Automated validation and payment approval workflow
  • Link to other enterprise financial systems

Client Portal

ANAQUA Essential provides an optional Client Portal for law firms to provide online client access to matter status and portfolio reports. The Portal is a secure, password-protected web site that can be accessed by clients using one of the major browsers. It is configurable with a welcome page that can be branded for the firm. Reports and dashboards can be created for all clients or to meet individual client requirements.

The Portal can also be set up to allow online client requests such as trademark search, patent filing or infringement review. The requests are submitted using configurable online forms, including document upload. When a request is submitted, workflow is triggered to respond to the request with an acknowledgement to the client.


Anaqua uses a Managed Hosting Services partner who is SAS 70/SSAE 16 Type II Certified for security and uptime standards, with multiple hosting locations.

Anaqua product specialists, familiar with IP and web hosting needs, ensure fast, simple and responsive service. Through our full-service approach, Anaqua clients experience an exceptional level of satisfaction, often at less cost and higher reliability than in-house IT organizations or alternative hosting services.

ANAQUA law firm clients can choose to have their ANAQUA system hosted and maintained by Anaqua. There are flexible options including dedicated servers and multi-location failover.