IP Analytics

The world is changing; the chasm between winners and losers is growing not shrinking. Big data is driving transparency into IP services and the market at large, and corporations are leveraging the tools available to analyze the data and evaluate their outside counsel’s work. Competitive law firms thriving in today’s complex legal environment are utilizing the same tools to benchmark themselves and their competition to identify areas of improvement and to develop new business. To do this effectively, law firm leaders require in-depth knowledge of their clients IP assets under management, insight into their competition’s position, and a clear understanding of their market(s) and available opportunities. Strategic insight guides better decisions by fusing AcclaimIP’s analytics and ANAQUA’s operational excellence.

Operational and Portfolio Awareness

Effectively managing an IP practice means understanding the firm’s relative strengths and weaknesses to stay competitive. ANAQUA provides the structure, data visualization, and IP analytics needed to evaluate an IP practice and streamline prosecution, internal operations, and client management. First, law firms need visibility into their own operations, knowing where there are bottlenecks in workflow and where automation can help create more efficient work procedures and protect against errors.

Further, firms need to understand their clients’ portfolio, how their patents map to products, or if their clients have licensing or litigation opportunities on infringing products. This allows the firm to provide strategic and operational guidance to their clients, letting them know which patents have revenue potential, which have defensive value, and which aren’t worth maintaining.

AcclaimIP analytics that provide operational awareness along with an understanding of client portfolios include:

  • Law Firm Score Card
    • Allowance Rate
    • Pendency
    • Grant/Issue Rate
    • OA Response Time
    • Median Claim Length
    • Asset Longevity
    • Average Patent Score across all patents
    • Number of Office Actions
    • Change in Claims Length
  • Industry Metrics
    • Assignee agent evolution
    • CPC (evolution) analysis
    • Examiner analysis
    • Individual agent analysis
  • Technology class by number of patents
  • Filing class
  • Art class analysis
    • Ownership
    • Time trends
    • Leadership
    • Rank
    • Cross blocking
    • New entrants
    • Related Documents

Competitive Awareness

Evaluating the competition is critical to establishing a comprehensive business development plan. Leveraging big IP data analytics tools provides detailed intelligence on a firm’s competition with their existing and prospective client base. Law firms are beginning to know what their competition is doing in the market, what share of their clients’ business they currently have, what their performance metrics are, or how they stack up against competing firms. This kind of awareness is critical for law firms to understand where they can generate new business and where they are highly competitive against other firms.

AcclaimIP analytics can give insight that lead to action in a number of areas, helping the firm drive new business, and expand current clients:

  • Competitive landscape
  • Client share of wallet
  • Art class strategy
  • Concept Matrix
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Citation Analysis
  • Rejection analysis
  • Technology class by number of patents
  • Threat monitoring
  • Competitive prosecution tracking
    • Notices to corp. or law firm (for clients) for block alerts and continued status tracking

Opportunities Awareness

In order to develop new business, firms must identify prospective clients they feel they can win. AcclaimIP enable practitioners to research prospects based on portfolio size and technology space that map to a firm’s strengths. Insight into what clients are facing leads to the opportunity for a strategic relationship. For example, are there infringing products in their market(s); specifically, whether there are enforcement, litigation, or licensing opportunities available to them to further protect or monetize their IP portfolios? Market insight needed to see underutilized technology areas positions the firm as a strategic advisor, advising clients to iterate into and develop further business expansion and monetization efforts. Analytics that can give insight into where the firm has new growth opportunities include:

  • Business Development
    • Technology landscape
    • Assignee search
    • Firm by technology
    • Firm by client
    • Attorney by client
    • Strategic client counseling
  • Categorization
    • Patent Score
    • Classifications
    • Custom taxonomies
    • Custom Fields
    • Patent to product mapping
    • Landscape
    • Growth in class
    • Rejection analytics
    • Patents and families
  • Reivew
    • Custom ratings and ranking systems
    • Evaluation matrices
    • Patent scores
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Rejection analysis
    • Patent to product mapping
    • Technology mapping
    • Agent Benchmarking

Anaqua provides the best-in-class IPM solution, which fully integrates day-to-day operational capabilities with broader access to IP big data, closing the gap between insight and action.

  • Highly configurable SaaS platform
  • Analytics and data driven decision making capabilities
  • Best practice IP workflows and efficiency
  • Strategic supporting IP services
  • Platform scalability for small to large IP teams
  • Integrated client relationship management (client portal)
  • Tightly integrated – all capabilities work together on a single platform
  • Loosely coupled – pick only the packages needed