IP Licensing

Manage IP Licensing Operations

Anaqua’s IP licensing management software is available as either a standalone product or an integrated module of the ANAQUA IP Management solution. Through the Agreements Module, law firms create and manage all agreement types such as license-in, license-out, assignments, non-disclosures, material transfers, joint ventures, and partnerships. The Agreements Module provides a paperless management system including the ability to capture all information related to an agreement’s terms and conditions, critical dates, financial information, and contacts. ANAQUA provides a portal to make agreement requests using customizable online forms and allow you to collaborate with clients and other stakeholders during contract drafting, negotiation, and final contract approval. The Third Party Patents and Trademarks Modules support the import and analysis of portfolios and trademarks with images owned by potential licensees, competitors, and other entities. Additionally, the IP Review Module supports analyses for potential cross-licensing opportunities. Anaqua further helps identify potential ip licensing opportunities through auto-classifications, which map a potential licensee’s portfolio to internal IP, ideaPoint, and ANAQUA Data Services.

  • Manage all license agreements in an electronic, paperless system
  • Link licenses and other IP records for easy reference, navigation, and reporting
  • Agreement auditing and validation fields
  • Royalty payment tracking and reporting
  • Link to financial systems for collections and other reporting requirements

Identify IP Licensing Opportunities

ANAQUA's IP Review Module allows law firms to define and manage reviews of their client’s portfolios using configurable workflows and collaboration tools. Offensive Review enables attorneys to evaluate potential ip licensing in and out as well as cross-licensing opportunities. With the ability to “tag” IP assets of interest or relevance, firm leadership better understands their client’s potential licensing opportunities; this includes an automatically created hyperlink between a licensing review and the asset records in the system. All ip licensing reviews leverage the Document Repository, Classifications, Surveys, Reports, and other standard features. HyperView visualizes all the data in licensing reviews so you can provide smarter insight when counseling your clients on monetizing their portfolios.

Manage Royalties

ANAQUA supports your organization’s royalty payment schemes, schedules, and manages collections. Automating the process of requesting royalty forecasts, distributing invoices, and tracking royalty income, including electronic invoicing, saves you time and helps realization of your client’s IP motorization efforts.