IP Portfolio Management

Report on the Business Impact of IP Portfolio Management

ANAQUA’s IP Portfolio Management tools work across all modules to provide an integrated environment for strategic planning, management, and analysis of intellectual asset portfolios. IP Portfolio Management includes a number of core tools: the Classifications toolset, the visual Evaluation Matrix, and the IP Review Module. ANAQUA’s powerful query and reporting tools provide business intelligence capabilities to support IP decision making in the context of a firm’s approach to advising their clients on strategy and priorities. With a graphical interface to display, edit, assign, and move classifications and assets, law firms quickly understand the different dimensions of their client’s portfolios with the ability to develop analytics reports and other business intelligence information based on their own portfolio and operational metrics as well. Further, the IP Review Module allows firms to define and manage reviews of their client’s portfolios using ANAQUA’s configurable workflows, internal and external collaboration tools. Each review leverages the Document Repository, Classifications, Surveys, Reports, and other standard features.

  • Advanced operational insight with enhanced data visualization from ANAQUA HyperView
  • Real-time dashboards of invention, patent, and trademark activity across the company and market
  • Firm and client configurable classification schemes to categorize and evaluate assets
  • Powerful and flexible ad hoc reports on real time data
  • Fully automated, configurable processes for managing reviews, including key dates, contacts, electronic documents, tasks, and calendaring
  • ANAQUA Services provides past and future annuity payment data to allow cost projection reports at the asset and portfolio level
  • Extensive support for managing IP in the context of industry standards development organizations, including Standard Developing Organizations (SDO) management and the declaration process (including Letters of Assurance)
  • Establish goals for IDF submissions and patent filings across the organization
  • Security to allow highly restricted access based on named individuals
  • Capture and manage third party IP rights
Data Sheet
ANAQUA Integrated Analytics Data Sheet
Snapshot Analytics™ provide real-time insight into a patent’s external market impact in the context of your day-to-day workflow managing your portfolio