Litigation Management

Litigation Management

The Conflicts Module enables clients to create and manage litigation, oppositions, cancellations, revocations, infringements, enforcement actions, and other disputes. Each conflict links to related IP records, so it is easy to see the conflicts associated with any asset. Conflict status and activity is tracked, reported, and saved with opinions captured and documents uploaded.

  • Manage all conflicts in an electronic, paperless system
  • Full event history records status changes over time
  • Automatic notifications, alerts, and open task escalation ensures no deadlines are missed
  • Monitor and track the status of current conflicts with reports and audit trails
Data Sheet
ANAQUA Patent Quality Report Data Sheet
ANAQUA Patent Analyzer leverages the most advanced, specialized patent software available to assure the utmost value and defensibility of every patent drafted.

General Matters

Beyond litigation management, Anaqua also has modules to manage other matter types. The General Matters Module provides an open, flexible system for managing all legal matters, including PTO proceedings, infringements, oppositions, disputes, and assignments, as well as non-IP related cases. Clients can specify their own matter types, associated workflows, tasks, activities, and utilize ANAQUA’s powerful Classifications feature. General Matters allows you to collaborate between internal business units, outside counsel, and other stakeholders. Manage all your information and data in a paperless, electronic record including all documents and email correspondence. The rules engine can create structured task and activity management, as well as notifications, alerts, and escalation responsibilities. The General Matters Module can integrate and link to all other core modules with bidirectional links between records (e.g., a patent record will list all related matters). Additional field panels capture data for specific matter types. The General Matters Module provides the following key features:

  • Ability to define and manage non-IP matters
  • Paperless, electronic records with all important information
  • Workflow including automatic task generation based on client rules and procedures
  • Outside counsel collaboration including secure access controls
  • Reference related records and link between matters, patents, trademarks, and other records
  • Manage all correspondence including email and document drafts
  • Automatic notifications, alerts and open task escalation
  • Flexible reports including both standard reports and ad hoc reports