IP Reporting


Reporting Reimagined for Breakthrough IP Insight

ANAQUA HyperView™ is an incredibly fast, user-friendly, web-based tool that helps you create dynamic, interactive dashboards and reports that utilize ANAQUA’s powerful IP database. With ANAQUA HyperView, learn more about your client’s IP portfolio and operations than you ever thought possible. In minutes, create multiple views and dashboards with all of the data in your ANAQUA system that delivers an in depth visualization of your client’s portfolio and your IP operations.

  • Better understand how to align your client’s IP to their business’s needs to become a trusted advisor
  • Monitor costs and services charges, etc.
  • View patent or trademark filings by country
  • Track IP staff productivity
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ANAQUA HyperView™
ANAQUA HyperView™ provides critical insight into your internal operations to manage your IP portfolio, drive efficiencies, and develop a competitive advantage.

Groundbreaking Insight

ANAQUA HyperView allows you to explore ANAQUA’s Unified IP Platform, which manages the ideas, cases, actions, notes, documents, and deadlines involved in the IP lifecycle.

ANAQUA HyperView dashboards are comprised of widgets – views into the ANAQUA database that feature multiple layers of detail. For example, if you are viewing a global patents pie chart and need to know more about filings in Japan, simply click and discover more data such as related inventors, renewals, or attorneys. Interconnect widgets so an entire dashboard responds when perspective changes in one view. One session in HyperView delivers more insight than you typically find in dozens of traditional reports.

Build Your Own Beautiful Dashboards & Reports

With ANAQUA HyperView, you no longer need to rely on database gurus or reporting experts to create beautiful dashboards and reports. With basic skills, create visuals that would normally take your staff painful hours to create manually. No more pulling data into spreadsheets, no more waiting for answers. It is easy to share a dashboard as a scheduled report because everything is in one place. ANAQUA HyperView puts the power of IP data into your hands. Easily create pie charts, geographic area maps, word clouds, scatter diagrams, Gantt charts, and more.

Engineered for Speed

Sisense, an award winning business intelligence platform, featuring core In-Chip TM technology that delivers unparalleled performance, powers ANAQUA HyperView.

Handle ad-hoc queries with ease. Concurrent ad-hoc queries return results in seconds. With ANAQUA HyperView you never have to prepare data for reports or analysis. Drill down into your ANAQUA data, back out, explore the data, and get instant answers to the questions you need to make smarter decisions for your IP operations.