Client and Associate Collaboration

Superior Service Over The Web

Superior Service Over The Web

Enhance Client Service

Inside counsel have little time or tolerance for using the phone for mundane requests, so it's becoming more common that clients disqualify firms who rely on paper and phone. ANAQUA Essential offers the ability to distinguish your firm with secure, branded, self-service portals that deliver immediate status for ongoing matters, polished on-demand reports, and even the ability to request routine legal services. With ANAQUA, this experience can be at their fingertips, accessible through any web browser or mobile device.

Simplify Third Party Collaboration

ANAQUA provides a highly secure collaboration environment for all participants in the process enabling tasks to be performed for a specific set of cases by an external party. Typical examples include searching, drafting, proofing, docketing, maintenance, etc. Full security and control is provided by a combination of role-based security that defines precisely what data can be seen and what can be updated, while record-based security controls what records can be accessed. Every record update is logged in the Audit Log—who, what, when.

  • Rule-based task assignment with email response tracking
  • Upload application drafts, prior art searches and email correspondence
  • Controlled permission granted to updating data, entering docket tasks, office actions and other activities
Data Sheet
AcclaimIP Analyst Data Sheet
Analyst empowers decision makers to act –reduce prosecution spend, identify acquisitions or licensing targets, identify new revenue opportunities, and benchmark against competitors.

Empower Attorneys With Information Access

ANAQUA empowers attorneys to be nimble and adaptive - with data at your fingertips regarding ongoing prosecution and broad portfolio strategy. Whether at the office, at home, a client site, or on the road, ANAQUA-powered attorneys can work from anywhere and access the information needed to respond to emerging opportunities together with clients. With ANAQUA, you are freed up from time consuming searching and tedious paper-based processes and are enabled to spend more time consulting on activities such as portfolio pruning, licensing in, and licensing out. This elevation in service can have powerful return on investment for clients, with billing at commensurately higher rates.