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Differentiate Your Firm With Better Insight

Differentiate Your Firm With Better Insight

Leverage Operational Insight

Operational insight takes more than simply reporting on where time is spent. True insight comes from a system that tracks activity in context and delivers actionable information to leadership. Through the power of its unified platform, ANAQUA captures metrics in the context of clients, practice area, operational activity and other parameters in a rich data model that can be viewed in any dimension. Profits, losses, resource allocation and opportunities can be viewed in real-time dashboards or reports made available on mobile apps or portals. Armed with this data, you can spend more time growing profitable areas of the practice.

Data Sheet
AcclaimIP Analyst Data Sheet
Analyst empowers decision makers to act –reduce prosecution spend, identify acquisitions or licensing targets, identify new revenue opportunities, and benchmark against competitors.

Demonstrate Value Through Reporting

Effective reporting has a dramatic impact on client perception. Older systems make it challenging to produce presentable reports even on routine status data. Pulling data from disparate sources can reveal omissions or errors reflecting liability by the firm as well as informal “soft docket” items that confuse and concern clients. ANAQUA empowers business users to develop their own reports, and deliver tools for the IT group to build ever richer and more actionable dashboards and mobile apps.

Close The Preparation and Prosecution Gap

More and more corporate clients are under pressure to reduce their investment in outside counsel. As a result, they are looking for new ways to establish extremely efficient relationships with their preferred OC. If your firm relies on paper or legacy systems, you may be forced to manage client specific workflows and exceptions separately - sometime by memory. ANAQUA supports client specific workflows, so you can automatically support your clients the way they want. Double-docketing and tedious processes not only create risk, they can shine an unfavorable light on your firm.

Tim Melchior
Tim Melchior
Senior Legal Operations Analyst
Ingersoll Rand

At Ingersoll Rand we depend on our outside counsel to help us prosecute consistently. And to that end, many of our outside counsel have more access rights into the system to do more than our own attorneys have.