Executive Team

The traditional management structure for law firms is evolving. Business is becoming more complex, challenging law firms to meet the evolving needs of their corporate clients. As a result, many firms are exploring new management models that engage a CEO or Executive Director to manage the administrative aspects of the firm’s business. Many are also hiring CFOs, CTOs, and other Executive Team positions, to alleviate the firm’s leadership of non-legal tasks, allowing them to focus on revenue generating work and their client’s high-level legal issues. Effective law firm E-Teams understand the vision of the firm’s leadership but focus on the various operational concerns that range from marketing and finance to technology and practice administration. Managing the administrative functions required to ensure smooth operation of the firm can be a formidable challenge in an industry where inefficiencies are pervasive.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive legal market, you must distinguish your firm as an industry front-runner. Clients are looking for a single firm who can efficiently and effectively address all of their needs.

ANAQUA is a platform that unifies every tool you need to run your practice. ANAQUA provides best-practice IP workflow automation, a centralized data source for all your firm’s IP data, and custom, role-based workspaces for each member of your IP team.

ANAQUA HyperView provides multiple levels of data analytics to deliver business intelligence to your firm’s leadership team. Track and manage attorney and staff workloads, identify productivity best practices, and bottlenecks, across multiple departments and offices to ensure greater efficiency and results.

White Paper
Be the Answer Machine for your IP Clients
World-leading IP Strategist Barry Brager discusses 8 insightful strategies you can bring to the table in your client development, far in advance of your next client win.

Risk Mitigation

The number one thing that keeps IP leaders up at night is missing a deadline, which could cost the client strategic positioning and revenue, while also opening up your firm to malpractice liability. Data quality, disparate systems, and disconnected dockets can create hazards for even the most vigilant IP leaders.

ANAQUA tracks critical metrics related to status, deadlines, assignments, costs, and grant rates. Audit trails and escalation rules track and prioritize all pending tasks and deadlines to ensure completion in a timely fashion. If a task takes longer than anticipated, or a deadline is approaching, ANAQUA will automatically generate a notification so you can take curative action.

The Virtual Office

With ANAQUA you are no longer bound by location. Through simple internet access via any device, attorneys, paralegals and administrators can work from anywhere with no need for slow, difficult VPN connections. With a paperless, virtual firm you can save on office space, reduce or even eliminate the need to commute, continue operations despite severe weather or disruptive events, and attract and retain new talent from a much broader resource pool.