IT Leader

In the technology driven-world of IP practice, the CTO is often one of the unsung heroes of the firm. You’re expected to support the legal teams and administrative teams in all of their technological endeavors. From managing data security and accuracy, to suggesting and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and proper integration of numerous systems and data silos. You’re looked upon to safeguard and optimize the firm’s day-to-day operations.

A Unified Intellectual Property Management System

A patchwork of docketing applications, document management systems, file shares, collaboration tools and workarounds generate unnecessary double entry and quality checks. If the legal teams don’t have the information and documents needed to properly prosecute PTO applications and serve clients, the firm is likely to lose business or even become subject to malpractice liability.

Simply retiring these isolated systems and consolidating into the ANAQUA Unified IP Platform places all related documents and bibliography data at your fingertips. With ANAQUA, matters are centralized, easy to find and reportable for different roles at firm and for client communication.

ANAQUA’s integrated document management capability delivers easy administration for all electronic documents. With the Document Library and management tools, you can create a truly “paperless” work environment for your law firm with documents and emails integrated into the workflow. ANAQUA supports integration with Microsoft Office, Gmail, and other IMAP email systems. Sort and export online queries, with user-selectable fields, and full text search of records, documents and emails, delivering advanced reporting on real-time data.

Melanie Murdock
Melanie Murdock
Senior Paralegal
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Now, we are able to have far more idea generation, more invention disclosures to choose from, to cherry pick those ideas that advance our strategies, reinforce our technologies, and better our position in the marketplace.

Onboarding New Clients Without Missing Anything

When onboarding a new client, a new attorney and his book of business, or simply deriving new business with existing clients, accurate document upload and data integrity is critical. Missing dates or onboarding incorrect data can cause any number of problems resulting in the loss of a client’s IP and subject the firm to malpractice liability.

ANAQUA’s automatically bulk uploads documents and emails by extracting accurate information directly from the documents and using it to both determine the upload destination, document metadata, and initial workflow. The built-in OCR function automatically interprets PDF, TIFF or other formats to enable full text searching of scanned documents.

ANAQUA supports document and email templates in multiple formats. Users can create custom templates for law firm or client email or letters, PTO forms and other documents.

Profitability, Risk, and Technology
Anthony Greene - CRM, CIC, Senior Vice President of Jamison Risk Services - presents the common risks faced by IP practitioners, including portfolio transfers, conflict check, and due diligence.

Data Migration

When migrating data, accuracy is the most paramount concern. Incorrect data leads to mistakes and missed deadlines that can lead to lost revenue and potential malpractice liability.

ANAQUA offers a set of data upload tools to import information on patents, trademarks, designs, organizations, contacts, tasks, agreements, conflicts and classifications from Excel spreadsheets, with automated record creation. The Patent, Trademark and Design Upload Tools support updating existing records in the database and documents automatically upload into records.

ANAQUA also provides integration with external data sources, such as PTOs, to retrieve data from ANAQUA Data Services for initial data load and later validation. Data stored in ANAQUA is comparable, validated against external data, and selectively updated.

Standard Operating Procedures Rule the Day

As the IT Leader, you’re consistently called upon to find better ways to further streamline firm SOPs. However, the running disconnect between law firm leadership’s understanding and expectations of where and how technology can help them is your never ending battle.

ANAQUA’s Law Engine delivers configurable workflow integrated with country rules. The easy to use, drag and drop, workflow configuration accounts for jurisdictional governing law, allowing streamlined workflow based on new and existing SOPs, endorsed by the leadership, within that framework. Anaqua updates country laws quarterly across all ANAQUA platforms, or specifically to the client’s needs and specifications.