New Client Acquisition

Bring In More Business With Less Effort

Bring In More Business With Less Effort

Ease The Burden Of Client Intake

ANAQUA provides tools and services to help ease the pain of client onboarding. New client intake is supported through bulk upload templates that allow you to map data fields for import. These utilities virtually eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Assure Data Quality

ANAQUA system has the right checks and balances to simplify entry and validation of client data, including optional data comparison tools with USPTO and other authorities. ANAQUA provides an easy to use dashboard that enables you to quickly reconcile issues before they generate risk for the firm.

Enhance Client Communications

ANAQUA provides HTML and RTF email templates that can be customized and branded to your firm's standards. Emails can be triggered by workflow and automatically sent to select clients to keep them up to date on relevant events.