Preparation and Prosecution

Efficient Docketing, Paperless Processes

Efficient Docketing, Paperless Processes

Simplify Docketing

ANAQUA's unique One-Page Docketing™ brings all the information docketers need into a single screen with configurable panels so each user can set up their workspace just right for the task at hand. Docketed Office Actions and other prep and prosecution steps trigger customizable workflows to assign tasks to the appropriate people. Documents can be attached to any task for one-click access. Each user has their own calendar or list of docket tasks with user selectable layouts and filters. Calendars can be shared and multiple views saved with easy export to Excel or PDF. ANAQUA makes it easy for docketers to move quickly through a set of cases and provides sophisticated bulk update functions. The powerful query and reporting lets you get information easily. Tools and services are available for data import and validation.

Drafting and Prosecution

Creating a high quality patent can be exceptionally time-consuming and laborious. Patent professionals not only face the intellectual challenge of articulating the substantive aspects of an invention, they must also satisfy countless tedious, error-prone formatting requirements.

Specifically designed to alleviate these issues, ANAQUA STUDIO™ automates and streamlines the exacting tasks of patent drafting and prosecution. ANAQUA STUDIO™ features tools for every task from claims drafting and amending to specification drafting, drawing, and office action responses. Patent professionals can now focus their time and energy on the intellectual components of an application, drastically reducing the time it takes to produce high quality patents.

ANAQUA STUDIO™ provides IP professionals with a secure environment for drafting and prosecuting patent applications that seamlessly integrates with Anaqua's unified IP management platform.

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Risk

ANAQUA takes the complexity, risk and tedium out of patent and trademark prosecution with a powerful combination of country laws, workflow automation and templates that eliminate redundant data entry, quality checks and process steps. Once an application is filed, ANAQUA’s rules engine drives all necessary activities through the system to ensure that all deadlines are met and documented.

Data Sheet
AcclaimIP Searcher Data Sheet
AcclaimIP SEARCHER is designed to optimize patent search tasks for patentability research, prior art searches, and product clearance studies.

Integrate Document and Email Management

ANAQUA integrates a robust purpose-built document and email management system into its unified platform to seamlessly integrate OCR, full text search, version management and other powerful tools into prep and prosecution and other IP processes. Unlike other offerings, documents and emails do not have to be associated with IP records or managed in separate systems. Attorneys and clients can collaborate on documents in these secure web-based document workspaces that eliminate the risk of email and open file share tools. With ANAQUA, you can eliminate file shares, reduce data sprawl and collaborate securely all within a unified system.

Outsource Low Margin Services

ANAQUA Filing Services is tightly integrated into the ANAQUA software so you can request instant quotes and place orders directly from your patent screens. ANAQUA Filing Services provide patent translations and preparation and filing of PCT national stage entries and European patent validations in individual countries using a network of world-class agents. Anaqua Annuity and Renewal Services provides global patent annuity, trademark/design renewals and title updates as a fully integrated service delivered from the ANAQUA Unified Platform.

Monitor Costs

Since ANAQUA Services are tightly integrated into the ANAQUA platform, international filing and renewal cost estimates are at your fingertips. 1-click quotes include translation where necessary, official fees and the service charge, including agent fees.