Unified Intellectual Property Management

For Law Firms

For Law Firms

You are under increasing pressure to meet new client demands while controlling costs, but your legacy systems stand in your way. If your current systems make reporting difficult, lack automation, or are hard to use and difficult to access, then it's time to think beyond docketing and take a more holistic approach to IP Practice Management. ANAQUA8 is a Cloud-based IP Management platform that brings docketing, workflow, collaboration, document management and email management into a unified system. Firms such as Greenberg Traurig, Maschoff Brennan, O'Shea Getz and Garlick & Markison rely on ANAQUA to reduce cost and risk while offering contemporary web-based access and collaboration to differentiate themselves from other firms.

ANAQUA for Law Firms Brochure
ANAQUA elevates your firm over competitors and helps grow your practice. Michael Best, Greenberg Traurig, Maschoff Brennan, and many others rely on ANAQUA to take their IP practice to the next level.

A Unified System

A patchwork of docketing applications, document management systems, file shares, collaboration tools and workarounds generate unnecessary double entry and quality checks. Simply retiring these isolated systems and consolidating into the ANAQUA Unified IP Platform places all related documents and bibliography data at your fingertips. With ANAQUA, matters are centralized, easy to find and reportable for different roles at firm and for client communication.

Melanie Murdock
Melanie Murdock
Senior Paralegal
Garlick & Markison

Anaqua is the best data management system I've ever used. The applications are endless - it's not just for docketing.

Maximize Productivity

Even though today’s processes may feel familiar and safe, daily activities such as drafting, review, prior art search, office action response and case uploads can be massively inefficient, difficult to learn and laced with risk. ANAQUA reduces data entry, printing, emailing, data manipulation, uploads, data de-duping, and a myriad of other low-value tasks that consume a massive amount of time and expose the firm to risk. With ANAQUA, you can reduce docketing and prosecution steps dramatically, while reducing errors and freeing paralegals to perform higher value tasks such as searches and prior art review.

The Virtual Office

With ANAQUA you are no longer bound by location. Through simple internet access via any device, attorneys, paralegals and administrators can work from anywhere with no need for slow, difficult VPN connections. With a paperless, virtual firm you can save on office space, reduce or even eliminate the need to commute, continue operations despite severe weather or disruptive events and attract and retain new talent from a much broader resource pool.

Richard Getz
Richard Getz
O'Shea Getz P.C.

We wanted a platform that everyone could access wherever they are. We also wanted a system that would not hinder our ability to attract and retain top legal talent regardless of where they may be located.

Client Portals

Firms that look to distinguish themselves with a proactive approach to client engagement leverage ANAQUA to collaborate directly with their clients. Through a secure portal they can offer immediate status for ongoing matters and polished on-demand reports.

Eric Maschoff
Eric Maschoff
Patent Attorney, Founder
Maschoff Brennan

We are a very forward-thinking firm always looking for new ways to add value to our advanced technology clients, so the ANAQUA system is a great fit for us. We can offer our clients new online services and use web-based collaboration with other service providers to offer exceptional value.

Rapid Value Creation

Ten years ago, the original ANAQUA platform was born from the best patent and trademark practices in the world. Today ANAQUA8 is a highly configurable platform that continues to harness the ideas and experience of the industry leaders and firms worldwide. We build in best practices that can be implemented as is or configured for your firm. Our team of IP experts offers the industry’s only proven deployment methodology to ensure you are up and running quickly.

Continued Success Through Community

Anaqua is founded on a unique model of “customer driven innovation”. Unlike traditional software vendors, we offer the unique experience of collaborating in a tightly knit community of IP experts who help each other improve and contribute to the ANAQUA platform. During our Anaqua User Conference, newcomers and seasoned veterans alike gather to network, share best practices and contribute ideas and needs to the product development team in highly interactive hands-on sessions. That dialogue is continued throughout the year within our online community called ACE. Simply put, Anaqua is about one thing: Shared success through continuous improvement.