Anaqua at INTA 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

INTA (The International Trademark Association) held their 138th Annual Meeting last week in Orlando, FL. The 5 day conference is held for trademark practitioners, the Intellectual Property space at large, and is an opportunity to network, interact, and discuss current industry topics with today’s leading IP minds. Each day consisted of a variety of different sessions on various IP related topics like litigation, mediation, and anti-counterfeiting. Over 10,000 practitioners and exhibitors flew in from all over the world to attend INTA’s annual meeting. Some notable exhibitors in attendance included WIPO, Managing IP, IAM, Wolters Kluwer, and a host of software companies and law firms. Notable sponsors included Intellectual Property Management, IAM, Velcro, and more.

Anaqua sent a large team to INTA this year with a focus on building relationships and asserting a new, rebranded company identity and fresh logo. Anaqua’s exhibit booth was buzzing with high energy from top sales and marketing team members meeting with industry leaders, prospects, and current clients to discuss IP trends and best practices. 2016 brought large-scale company growth and expansion to Anaqua, which has the largest IP software engineering team in the market; recently went live with a game changing new business intelligence tool, ANAQUA HyperView; and announced several new acquisitions including ideaPoint, FreePatentsOnline, AcclaimIP, and a strategic partnership with Wolters Kluwer.

Anaqua representatives attended numerous sessions and events throughout the 5 day conference including When is the Mediation Successful; The Future is Today in Big Data and Analytics for Law Firm Practitioners; Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Brand Owners; Online Enforcement: Counterfeit Products, Contraband but Genuine Products, Parallel Imports and more. The predominant themes of the conference breakout sessions surrounded anti-counterfeiting and big data analytics, and there was a lot to say!

Michael Viscariello, the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Anaqua, attended The Future is Today in Big Data and Analytics for Law Firm Practitioners. What struck him most was one of the moderator’s comments. When asked about why big data was relevant or useful in today’s IP litigation practice, Greenberg Traurig’s IP Co-Chair, Ian Ballon, stated, “One of the great things about big data is that you find correlations you didn’t expect and discover trends you just didn’t know about. That kind of information is powerful.” Big data is becoming a hot topic in the IP world. Implementing it and using it for competitive advantage should be a priority for all practitioners in the industry.

Viscariello also attended the Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Brand Owners session and found it extremely informative. Top in-house trademark attorneys, at notable organizations, like Maria Laura Perna from Adidas Group and Erin Lewis from Luxottica Group S.p.A lead the session. He listened to first hand experiences on how counterfeiting has drastically affected their businesses and what anti-counterfeiting practices and procedures were working today. Perna (Adidas), “In 2016 thus far, we’ve taken down 15,000 infringing listings comprised of trademarks, copyrights, and counterfeit products.”

INTA’s team did an incredible job at making this year’s Annual Meeting extremely informative but also a ton of fun. Attendees were able to relax at the end of the first day with Kool & the Gang performing “INTA the Groove” and on the last night had a private opening of Universal Studios as the grand finale. The conference brought together global IP business leaders, attorneys, and practitioners to build relationships and talk about best practices in the industry. “This year's INTA conference was a huge success for the Anaqua team. We connected with numerous global IP leaders, had some great conversations, and enjoyed some really awesome parties, including a blowout grand finale at Universal,” said Viscariello.