How the Right Scanning Service Can Save Your Law Firm Time and Money

Monday, August 8, 2016

The move to a digitized workplace has been the catalyst for immense industry change. The ability to store and retrieve large amounts of information on computers, rather than on paper, is driving lower costs and increased productivity gains. And in the legal industry, scanning services have played a large role in this digital revolution.

So what should law firms in particular look for in a scanning service?

It's important to understand that simply buying a good scanner is not enough to go paperless. That might produce a good digital backup, but law firms derive the greatest benefit from a scanning service that stores files, organizes them intuitively by client and document type and incorporates a naming system that is easy to understand and remember. That's the kind of resource that saves both time and money.

According to the Wisconsin Bar, a firm that produces 30,000 or more word-processing files per year, plus 14,000 image files, might use 2GB of data per year. A firm can get a 1 TB hard drive, which holds 1,000 GB of data, for just $75. Compare that to the cost of buying new filing cabinets, replacing old ones and ensuring the firm has enough office space to hold each year's plethora of paperwork. The return on investment in a scanning service just in storage and paper savings, can be significant.

Additionally, by hiring a scanning service at the start of digitizing, firms free up employees from spending their time creating an online organization system, ensuring images are saved in a high-quality resolution and filing papers digitally.

Less clutter, shrunken overhead and ease of information transfer are just the beginning. One of the most valuable benefits of going paperless is full text search. When employees can easily search hundreds of documents by keyword or phrase, rather than rifling through paper copies or individual files, firms save hundreds of hours.

In order to use full text search on all your files at once, you'll need access to a unified system; this is where a good scanning service comes in. Any standard scanning service can take your paper documents and turn them into digital ones. A quality service will incorporate your documents into a searchable, taggable system.

Anaqua's full service Intelligent Scanning digitizes paper documents, determines which IP case the documents correspond with, tags them and makes them all fully searchable, automatically. The service works with US and European PTO forms, among others. Anaqua can digitize new forms and provide ongoing scanning for all IP correspondence.

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