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Patent 10 Million Arrives Tomorrow. Will it be Yours?

by Matt Troyer, Director of Patent Analytics
David Isaacson, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

The USPTO is set to unveil utility patent number 10 million on June 19, 2018, along with its newly redesigned cover. A quick review and analysis of the eligible applications gives us insight into some characteristics of the group about 4,500 published applications it could be. To be eligible, the current owner of the application would have received their issue notification on May 30, 2018.

Will you have patent 10 million? Or what about 10,000,001? We know some patent owners and law firms have friendly contests underway to see who gets closest to 10M without being under as a team-building exercise.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at patent 10 million, giving some insights into this significant achievement.

A quick review at how the applications break down shows no surprises, following the basic patenting trends over the past few years.

Looking at the home countries for filers, we see the US is first, but we also see that companies headquartered in Asia and Europe had significant patents filed in the US.

Company’s Home Country Filing with a Chance for Patent 10,000,000
Based on published applications having received an issue notification on May 30, 2018

IBM is the top assignee candidate with 134 applications scheduled to be granted. IBM was the top patentee in 2017, so this trend continues. The chart below shows the top assignee candidates.

When looking at the candidates, we find there are several prolific inventors, with many having multiple applications that will become patents. The top two inventors have 8 applications each about to become patents. The chart below shows the top inventors.

We also look at law firms acting as agents for filing organizations. Interestingly, IBM is acting as its own agent, putting them at the top of this list.